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Shawn Holroyd

Zone F Kin Deputy Governor


I like being deputy governor so much did I decided to do run again! Thank you so much for electing me to a second term.

I am Going to tell you a little bit about myself I am a commercial route manager with Abell Pest Control, I run a successful DJ business Magic Light & Sound, in my home club of St. Thomas Kinsmen I have been membership director, awards chair, Vice President, and President. Somewhere in all that I have an absolutely amazing wife Amanda, 3 awesome boys Hayden (10), Tristan (8), and Jordan (3).

I am very excited for this year as DG as now that I have gotten my feet wet, I can in typical Shawn fashion hook up the Acme rocket to my back and do what I do best.... have FUN!! Because if you read this far you know I work hard, and play hard, so it only stands to reason I party hard too.
Looking forward to coming to your meetings and events which I know the clubs will keep me posted on.

Yours in KIN
DG Shawn Holroyd aka Bernie Lomax

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