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District One Kin 2019-2020: We are ONE Team

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Club Support Director


Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to All Members of Kin across the District!
December brings with it a flurry of frozen precipitation that covers our lawns, streets, and homes. This is so much like what the Kin of D1 are doing as well. Covering their communities with love and caring by organizing Christmas Parades, Food Bank collections, Adopting a local family, selling Christmas Trees, hosting Christmas Bazaars and the list goes on and on. We support each other more over the holidays, social times together, more 'fun' in our fundraising, and celebrating our successes of the last few months and planning for the 100th Anniversary of our Association in 2020! You are an amazing group of Kin District 1! Celebrate the season the best way you know how. From my home to yours, Blessings of the Season!

October Update!

Welcome to our newest Kinsmen Club, Collingwood Kinsmen joined our ranks on Sept. 18, 2019. 13 enthusiastic and excited gentlemen said 'I Do' to Kin and then jumped right in to their first project a few days later. Going to see great things come from this club.

Bring a Buddy/Guest events are springing up across the District and to date 13 men and women have gotten to know about Kin. Well done Fort Erie Kinettes (4) and Harriston Kinsmen (9) can't wait to see your rosters grow!

Our total membership at the end of September was down from August BUT as we know many clubs house clean in September, and life comes into play for many. With the efforts we are seeing from clubs to increase their numbers, I am confidant that our total will be on the plus side very shortly. Thank You!

Check out the thermometer and map to see who is in on the BBQ challenge so far for adding at least 1 member. Is your club there? Be the one to add that member to the roster. You could be eating on the District Executive's dime!
Until next month keep sharing and growing in Kin D1!

September - New Year - New Start

Membership, Where can we go with membership? The hopeful answer is Up! The reality answer is have clubs populated with satisfied, valued members. Members who enjoy coming to meetings, who want to work on projects, and who want to share their Kin experiences with others. If current members are not having a positive experience within their club, they will not be as apt to share it with others, and why would they?

Think for a moment about your club, the atmosphere at meetings, projects, socials, is it positive, exciting, FUN, or is it something of a more negative version? The change needs to come from the current members, but sometimes they feel they have tried it all and need some help looking at new options. That's where I hope to be able to help, looking at what the community needs are and how the club can assist in getting them fulfilled. A healthy club isn't just a matter of numbers, but how the members view and feel about their club and how they fit in. Let's work together to allow every member to feel they are in exactly the right spot for them!

Our Membership Challenge of +1 per club by May 31/20 is moving along well with many clubs already welcoming a new member. Updates on numbers can be found both here on the website and on the District face book page. A BBQ, hosted by the District Executive, for your club is up for grabs!
Have questions? Want to know more about how I can assist your club?

Please contact me momofbrats [snail] hotmail [period] com.

2019-2020 District 1 Kin Where's the Beef Membership Thermometer 2019-2020 District 1 Kin Where's the Beef Membership Map

Here is the link to the Healthy Club Assessment if you want to take a look.

Download this file

The Mentor and Mentee Program is a National initiative that helps join newer members to seasoned members who are willing to mentor members along the road to a successful Kin career. If you are interested in participating, here is where you can find out all the details!

Mentors Apply here
Download this file

Mentees Apply here
Download this file



Thank you to our sponsors!

Karen Coutts, Heatherhill Business Solutions Kim Dadswell, Dadswell Denture Clinic

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