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District Coordinator


Hello District 1

I am the coordinator for this fantastic team. Basically my role is to make sure your Governors and executive are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there.
I know it will be a fun challenge trying to keep the 2 Governors on Track as they work to Keep Kin on Track.
as a past Governor myself I can assure you I am up for the challenge!!


Hello, my name is Lori Dawn Antaya and I have taken on the role of district coordinator for VIBE. I am a member of the Kinette Club of Fort Erie. I am a former Deputy Governor for Zone D which was a highlight of my kin career. Most notably, I was honoured to preside over our zone’s Founder’s Night on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Kinsmen in Canada. That evening I had the privilege to change the colours of the grand Niagara Falls from purple and gold to red and white in honour of that evening.
I reside in Crystal Beach, Fort Erie with my husband Marcus and three boys, Jack-20, William-19 and Gracen-17

Why I’m part of VIBE
I feel this team has an excellent opportunity to work with clubs to rebuild after COVID. I am also looking forward to the leadership and personal growth opportunities belonging to the district executive provides.

Favourite part of Kin
Kin has given my family the opportunity to give back. We were the recipients of help from Kin in the past and I very much enjoy the ability to pay that forward. The friends we have made are some of the best people you can come by and are now more like extended family. That comes from our common goals of serving others.

There can be some confusion as to the role of coordinator, I look at it as a helping hand to the governors, the travel coordinator for the district council and hospitality lead for council functions. If you need to contact me please email me at lantaya@kincanada.ca


(No reports filed)


I'm a little behind .. wearing multiple hats this year, I totally gapped my Co-Ordinator page update .. please show mercy.

Thus far this year, my responsibilities have been completed in the following areas:
- a very successful and full weekend of learning for District Leadership Seminar and Pre Term meeting held in Cambridge way back when ...
- a very educational and fun Club Leadership Seminar just a couple of weeks ago, hosted by the Palmerston Kinettes at the Palmerston Legion. Over 60 members of District One took part in a day of learning and fellowship. It was grand.

Next up, focusing on Fall Leadership Conference in beautiful Grand Bend at the Oakwood. I'm having a great time working with the Goderich Kinsmen to ensure council is ready to give you a weekend of exceptional learning and fellowship. Here's to an 80's revival and a 2020 vision!!

I'm looking forward to the next gathering of the Council to take place in Stratford in January ..


As this year's District One Coordinator it is my role to ensure that everyone is where they need to be, housed, fed and watered!!

The September Council and Kin Kollege is September 15th and 16th at Camp Ki-Wa-y North of Waterloo.

FLC and Fall council will be held in St Thomas and is shaping up to be a wonderful education packed weekend (along with lots of fun and fellowship)

Coming up next is the District Mid-Term Council Meeting in January, followed by Spring Convention.

If there's anything I can do to be of assistance, in the District, please don't hesitate to reach out.



Isn't it amazing how quickly our summer just flies by!

Co-Ordinator is a behind the scenes job on the District Executive, so the majority of my responsibilities are to see that everyone on the District Council is fed, watered, bedded and has appropriate meeting spaces and everything they need to have a wonderful learning and growing experience on Council.

We had a very successful DLS / Preterm meeting in Cambridge in June. Our next big event was the "Successful Kin Seminar" which was held on Saturday September 12th at the Preston Club Rooms. This day was amazing with over 60 members of District One in attendance for a day of growing, learning, making friends and having fun. Check out the information that was shared that day at http://www.district1kin.ca/index.php/DistrictNews/2015-08-14-Successful-Kin-Seminar

District Council also met for their September Council Meeting and everyone left pumped and ready to take on the next few months within their Zones.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at the next big District One Event, Komic Kin ... if you haven't already, follow this link for your registration form and information:

See ya there ...


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