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District Conventions

  • Need a boost of enthusiasm for Kin and all it has to offer?
  • Looking for some new project or social ideas?
  • Trying to learn more about this fantastic Association you're part of and what keeps everyone so active?
  • Want to meet new friends and have a heck of a lot of fun?

Then you you need to attend conferences and conventions. Talk about "where the magic happens"...

Credentials information
To have your club's voice heard at Zone, District, or National meetings, you need to make sure that your club completes the Accredited Delegate form correctly, here is the step by step procedure you need to follow. This applies to National Convention, FLC, Zone Conferences, and Spring Convention.
How to assign an Accredited Delegate


  1. your club decides on the AD/AADs at your general meeting
  2. the motion is recorded in your minutes
  3. fill in the form completely
  4. two of president, VP, and secretary sign the form
  5. send it in to the credentials chair before the deadline.


The St Thomas Kinsmen are planning a Spoo'KIN good time for us this year!

Convention Registration can be done here: http://www.stthomaskinsmen.com/index.php/FallLeadershipConference/Index

Most important - Accredited Delegate forms DUE BY OCT 23rd to credentials [snail] district1kin [period] ca: -> mailto:credentials [snail] district1kin [period] ca:

Past Conventions


Convention Registration can be done here: http://www.kincanada.ca/convention

Information on the National Vice President Candidates can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/174239926542450/
and here:

Information on National Director Candidates can be found here: http://www.kincanada.ca/national-director-candidates-2018

Most important - National Accredited Delegate forms DUE BY JULY 15th to HQ: http://www.kincanada.ca/files/www/Blank_Accredited_Delegate_Form_for_2018.pdf

If no one from your club is able to attend, please give your vote to one of the District 1 members who are attending (note: this is not a full list. To make additions to it contact Russ, Carol, or Karen)

  • Debbie Flagg - Fort Erie Kinettes
  • Darryl Van Moorsel - Greater London Kinsmen
  • Karen Coutts - Walkerton Kinettes
  • Melissa Penner - Mitchell Kinettes
  • Brenda Dineen - Palmerston Kinettes
  • Darrell Cooper - Greater London Kinsmen
  • Dustyn Pumfrey - Dresden Kinsmen
  • Terri Iredale - St Marys Kinettes
  • Lori Dawn Antaya - Stevensville Kinettes
  • Marcus Antaya - Stevensville Kinsmen
  • Carol L Cooper - London Kinettes
  • Bea Crowley - London Kinettes
  • Elise Stark - London Kinettes
  • Lori Schnarr - Palmerston Kinettes
  • Paul Schnarr - Listowel Kinsmen


You are cordially invited to join the Fonthill & District Kinsmen at the Residence at Niagara College. Your 2 Bedroom Suite comes complete with Fridge, Microwave, 2 private bedrooms, TV’s, Towel Service, FREE Internet, FREE Parking,complimentary Hot Coffee and Fruit ...

2 Bedroom Suites start at $84.95 plus HST per night.
70 Suites are guaranteed until April 1,2018 after which, based on availability, rooms will be $99/night
plus HST.

A complimentary Bag of “KIN” goodies / boodle bags for the first 98 registrants.

All events/sessions are held on campus

Registration form which is also due April 1st for earlybird rates, is attached below.

To view the Spring Convention Presentation, please follow this link:

Important Documents:

Fall Leadership Conference 2017

Please see below, the minutes from FLC 2017, Hee Haw!!

Information and registration forms for FLC 2017 "Hee Haw" are now available on the FLC Event page.

District information

Breakout Sessions

New members are invited to attend the New Members Seminar, which will be presented in two parts over both breakout time slots.

Here are the five confirmed breakout sessions. We are hoping to add a sixth to the list after addressing some last minute issues.

Making Kin-nections - Facilitator District Club Support (Membership) Director Dustyn Pumfrey. Kin was created because of a need for fellowship. Has your club or zone lost touch with that focus? Get new ideas to develop fellowship opportunities both at the club and zone level to reengage membership and develop networking between clubs.
Show me the money! – Facilitators Service Directors Bea Crowley and Tim Natyshak. Have you wondered, or been asked, where all of the money goes that we raise for Cystic Fibrosis? Bea will share information on where our donations go, the research being done, and the impact of organ donation and blood services on the CF community.
At Your Service - Facilitators Service Directors Tim Natyshak and Bea Crowley. Is your club only known in your community for raising money? Get some new ideas on how to promote and improve your club’s Kin brand. Learn about different service projects and how to connect with different resources in your community.
Let the Games begin! - Facilitators Vice Governors Darryl Van Moorsel and Karen Coutts. Kin Education at the club level is something we hear is needed, but everyone thinks that it’s boring. But it doesn’t have to be! Learn how to use games to have a lot of fun at your meetings while learning more about Kin. Game templates, information sources, and tips on how to put them together will be provided.
#YouHaveSomethingWeNeed – Facilitators Deputy Governors Francine Burt and Scott Tapley. Have you ever looked at Deputy Governors, District Executive, National Committee Members, or National Directors and thought, “I could never do that.” We’re here to tell you that you absolutely can! This workshop will demystify the different levels of Kin and show you what you need to know, what skills to grow, and how to go about advancing up through the levels of Kin. Find out where the magic happens!
Smooth Sailing! – Facilitators Past Governor Colleen Wake and Life Member Doug Freeland

Spring Convention 2017

The Flamborough Kin Club presents,
with the help of the Kin Club of Ancaster

Animal House
District 1 Spring Convention
May 5-7, 2017

Up-to-date information for resolutions, nomination forms, and documents relating to business at Spring Convention 2017 can be found on the District Secretary's page.

Accredited Delegate Form and Voting Procedure

Below is a link to the new accredited delegate form that is to be used for the upcoming Spring Convention. These and only these forms will be accepted. As well, please find the link to the package of information that will assist your club to fill out the form properly and explain any changes that are now in place.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any member of the District Executive or your Deputy Governor for clarification.

Clubs will be given a copy of this package at upcoming zone conferences, and there will be a member of the District Executive presenting the information who will be able to address any questions at that time as well.

FALL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, 2016 - "Gangsters, Flappers and Rum Runners"

November 4-6, 2016 in Windsor

Please remember that Fall Leadership Conference has been declared a mini-convention to deal with held over business from Spring Convention.

Here is the registration form for FLC .. we look forward to seeing you there.

The full conference brochure is included here. Only a few printed copies will be available.

The FLC minutes have now been posted. Please click on the link below to review them.

Other documentation with respect to FLC can be found on the District Secretary's page here on the D1 Website, as circulated in the Fall Mailing.


Please also find below the reviewed financial statement and documentation of the Back to the Future Team.

ANNUAL DISTRICT CONVENTION, 2016 - "Legends of the 80's TV"

May 6 - 8, 2016

Here is your one stop shop for everything SPRING CONVENTION!!! The countdown is on and the BTTF Team is looking forward to an awesome weekend!

DELEGATES CONVENTION BROCHURE: This is again, a green convention. The link below will let you access the Convention Brochure with the documents you will need for the weekend.

REGISTRATION: Please click on the link for your copy of the registration form and all information to register and book your hotel room.

RESOLUTIONS: Below is the link to the Resolutions being brought forward by the Vice Team. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Vice Governor Bill Harris 10ddgm11 [snail] gmail [period] com -> mailto:10ddgm11 [snail] gmail [period] com or Vice Governor Monika McKean mmckean [snail] rogers [period] com -> mailto:mmckean [snail] rogers [period] com OR any current Deputy Governor or Executive member of the Back to the Future Team.

AGENDA: We are unable to provide a detailed agenda at this time, however below you will find a rough agenda that is subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to provide any clarification.

ACCREDITED DELEGATE FORM: It is very important that your club completes an accredited delegate form and returns it by the due date (April 29, 2016). Please ensure that you advise your accredited delegate how you wish them to vote on your behalf.

VICE GOVERNORS CANDIDATE FORUM INFO: Exciting times are upon us as an Association and as a District. This year, the first in many we have 2 teams campaigning for the election to District 1 Vice Governor(s).

· Debbie Ruffley – “Building on the Basics”

· Shane Walsh and Tanya Bettridge – “Kin in Black”

This means that they will be campaigning at your Zone Conferences, this also means that at Spring Convention May 6-8th in Fort Erie we will be hosting a Vice Governor’s Candidates forum. Friday May 6th approximately 9:30 pm.

I welcome your input, so I invite you to send your questions for the Forum to me as Moderator.

Send your questions to communications [snail] district1kin [period] ca -> mailto:communications [snail] district1kin [period] ca

Yours in Kin,
Past Governor Terri Iredale
Moderator – Vice Governor Candidate Forum 2016

Fall Leadership Conference 2015 - "KomicKin"

November 6-8, 2015

Please find minutes from FLC 2015 below:

Hosted by the Kinsmen Club of St. Thomas
Host Hotel: Best Western Plus Stoneridge Inn & Conference Centre

Better yet - Go to the St. Thomas Kinsmen Club website to register online. Each person must be registered separately, so if you're bringing a non-Kin guest, don't leave them out.

Book your hotel rooms early, there are only 72 available...and they're only reserved for Kin until October 15th. Let's fill the hotel, and bring back Wakey Wakey!

Fall Leadership Conference 2014

Bids for FLC 2015 are now being accepted. They are due back to the Secretary 30 days prior to FLC 2014.

Agenda and Sessions have been updated in the brochure.

National Kinvention 2014 - "Hollywood North"

August 14-16th, 2014
Hosted by Kin Canada Headquarters
Host hotel: Sheraton Centre Toronto

National Proxies are especially important this year, with the revisions to the General Operating By-law that have been worked on for the past two years. Please note that National Proxies go to Headquarters no later than July 15.

With Kinvention so close to us this year, it is a fantastic opportunity for your club to go and participate in the discussions, breakout sessions, galas, and hospitality that our National Convention generates.

For more information, check out the National website in the Member Centre: https://www.kincanada.ca/national-convention?na=37

Spring Convention 2014 - "1964"

May 2-4th, 2014
Hosted by the Collingwood Kinettes

Minutes for Spring Convention 2014

Your Official Call to Spring Convention!

Each club should complete a proxy form. It must be submitted to District Secretary Karen before the credentials desk closes at Convention. You can give them to your Deputy Governor to bring as well. Make sure your club's voice will be heard!

Interested in hosting the District next spring? You'll need to fill in this: Bid to Host Spring Convention 2015

Resolutions to be voted on (included in club mailing):

Financials to be reviewed and voted on (included in club mailing):

Spring Convention 2013 - "Seussical"

Suessical Spring Convention Minutes, as corrected at FLC 2013

Suessical Spring Convention Financial Statement

May 17-20th, 2013

Hosted by the Fergus & District Kinsmen

Realizing that not everyone can attend Seussical - The Convention for the entire weekend, please find bellow the agenda for the weekend so that perhaps you can join us for a day, an evening, a half day or whatever your scheduling allows!

So many exciting things happening, so many cool visitors attending .. you just GOTTA be there (ask Just Bruce .. he'll tell ya)

Holiday inn Hotel & Conference Centre, Guelph, Ontario. Rooms start at $99.

Early Bird Registration $149 if paid by April 19, 2013. Includes Gala Dinners, Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast and The Lorax Lunch on Saturday, Horton Hatches the Egg Breakfast and Turtle Lunch on Sunday, and My Oh My-A-Butterfly Bye Bye Brunch on Monday.

These are the forms you will need to run for Vice Governor, National Director, or for your club to put in a bid to host Spring Convention 2014. They must be submitted to District Secretary Karen before April 17th.

Each club should complete a proxy form. It must be submitted to District Secretary Karen before the credentials desk closes at Convention. You can give them to your Deputy Governor to bring as well. Make sure your club's voice will be heard!

Fall Leadership Conference 2012 - "Take Your Best Shot"

FLC 2012 Minutes

November 9-11, 2012

Hosted by the Kin Family of Kitchener-Waterloo

Ongoing information on the Facebook event page .. https://www.facebook.com/events/286955681420561/

Check it out .. invite your Kin friends ..

It's almost game time! Here's your Official Call to FLC 2012

Financial statements to be approved at FLC:

National Kinvention 2013

District Convention - Mobster Mayhem 2012

District 1 and Co-Coordinators Terri Iredale & Tanya Hartung proudly present "Mobster Mayhem: District 1 Convention 2012". May 18-21 (May long weekend) at the Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn in Brantford, ON. We're welcoming back the grand Cystic Fibrosis/Service Dinner & Gala, the Governors' Dinner & Ball and three nights' worth of hospitality suites! We have a fantastic theme, so get out your pinstripe suites, flapper dresses, fedoras & tommy guns and come on down to Brantford for Friday night's Costume Judging & Theme Hospitality Suite.
We have an action-packed weekend planned for you at one of the best conference hotels in the province. So grab the gun, leave the cannolis and come on down to Brantford!

*Mobster Mayhem 2012 Registration form

*Mobster Mayhem 2012 Flyer #1

Host Hotel Website

Follow this link to see the video in full size

Thank you to our sponsors!

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