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District One - Kin On Track 2023-2024

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Kin Education


Is your club looking to grow?

Is your club looking for a place to start to educate new members and/or seasoned members?

I can help, or direct you to the resources you need?

Reach out and let me provide assistance

Happy to help in any way I can!!

Terri Iredale
2023-2024 Education Director



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If you're a new or recent member, be sure to complete the New Member Orientation course on Kin U and register for a webinar session on one of the following dates:

March 19 (English)
April 16 (French)
May 21 (English)

Register at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KinOrientationWebinar

Leaders never stop learning!
One of the best things we Kin can brag about as Kin is the soft skills that we learn as members!

Kin Canada has been developing and are continuously tweaking the Kin-U website. This website is host to several online courses that you will find are quite handy.

Click here to visit Kin-U

Take a few minutes online, get a password to the site and start learning - you won't regret it.




There is no limit to what you can learn in Kin, just seek it out and get started.

I'd like to encourage you all once again, to seek out Kin-U and get yourself started on a path of knowledge that you will not regret.

Take the time to get yourself up to speed. You will be happy that you did. The doors it will hope for you personally and within the ladder of Kin will be amazing.



It's never too early to begin the promotion of the Kin Canada Bursary programme to the schools within your clubs service area.

Below please find a current letter that you can adjust to your own letterhead and personalize it, as well as a copy of the fillable application form. Send both of these to all of your contacts which can generally be found by googling the school and looking for their guidance department. Send it out now, and then follow up again in December / January as applications are due February 1st.

If you need any assistance or have questions, please contact me.

Customizable Letter to Schools

Customizable Press Release

Fillable Bursary Application for 2018


Have you registered for Kin U yet?


Have you checked out Kinbooks yet


The Kin Book is accessible from your mobile device, essentially for things your may require " on the go ".

Spend some time checking out the National Website, Members Centre, Resource Library


You will be AMAZED at the information you can find there ..

If still in doubt .. drop me a line ..

Yours in Kin


What is a Fall Leadership Conference ?

As per our District 1 House Rules: Article 12 Section 1 “ Responsibility and Purpose “

Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) shall be the responsibility of and conducted by the District Executive.

The purpose of Fall Leadership Conference is to provide education to the members.

Such education may deal with Kin, Business, Professional Ethics or Personal Development.

The only business to be dealt with over and above the operations necessary for the meeting shall be: The District financial review of the previous year; the financial review of the previous Annual District Convention; review of minutes of the previous Annual District Convention; motions pertaining to any surplus expenditure requests as authorized in Article 14 Section 5; the awarding of the next Fall Leadership Conference.


As the District Education Director; I am your go-to should you need help either educating yourself and/or your club members; or if you are looking for some educational materials and cannot find them.

Please call upon me with your needs and I will be sure to assist in any way that I can for you and your club.

The National Education and Training Committee has been prompting all Districts to obtain a District Education Director in the hopes that regular communication will occur between the Committee and all Districts as things are developed, so that sharing takes place with everyone promptly as well as informing of all the materials already available.

An Educated Member is an informed Member!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Karen Coutts, Heatherhill Business Solutions

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