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Insurance certificates and forms are provided for the convenience of District 1 Kin.
To be sure you are referencing the most up-to-date documents,
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The Canadian Criminal Code indicates that gambling is illegal. The following are ways to help determine if your event is illegal. Anytime there is a game, players, a gain or wagering in a public setting you could be breaking the law. The only way gambling is legal is when it is held in a casino, it is part of an agriculture event (horse racing), it is in the privacy of your own home and among friends or you have been able to obtain a gaming license specific to your event.

In most provinces such licences are not available for our clubs. If you are caught hosting an illegal gambling event your club could be charged. These charges can result in putting the entire Association and our insurance at risk. The club could lose their liquor licence and it could make it impossible for them to ever acquire another one. For all events involving wagering please contact your municipality or local law and gaming authorities before hosting the event to obtain a gaming licence. Once again, without this license you are breaking the law.

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