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I am the Founder/charter member of the Collingwood & District Kinsmen Club. We are the last Kinsmen Club to be chartered as a Kinsmen Club before all new chartered clubs went to Kin clubs and I take pride in that. Our club has been Serving our communities Greatest Needs since 2019 and have been going strong since.
This is my second term straight sitting as Zone DG. This time around though I will have a partner in crime to come along for the ride with me and to make our Zone a great place to be within the District.
I have had the honor to experience being in other clubs and understanding what its like to be a part of different clubs in different communities. I began my Kin adventure in Shelburne for a number of years then moved to the Orangeville club before making a huge leap to the national Capital Kin Club of Ottawa before it's unfortunate fold. Then my family and I moved into Collingwood where I began my work to bring the Kinsmen back to Collingwood after a ten year hiatus from the community. Now four years in the making and the Collingwood & District Kinsmen Club are geared to Serve Our Communities Greatest Needs.

As one half of your Zone DG this year, partnered up with Francine Burt, I will be looking to do the Zone proud once again and to stride to keep the Zone on top of the rest to the best of my abilities. I'm looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces and meeting all the new faces this year within our wonderful Zone at your meetings and your community events. Zone C is the best zone in the District, let show everyone this year why that is!

Glen Card

Grew up in a very small town Newfoundland seeing Kinsmen serving great food and running bingo...which means that I knew Kin were a wonderful asset to my community - they built and helped out, they were leaders and they kept things entertaining. I joined Kinettes in 2011, just so I could be an asset to my community like those Kinsmen. I like to think that I have been living to that hope, I lead my club and am apart of every initiative that we lead or assist in our community. I also strive to keep the meetings and social times entertaining as it is proven that tedious and contentious meetings lead to lower membership. My hope this year is to be a helping hand in what ever way possible that my zone needs me to be.

Francine Burt


Welcome to the Northern top of District One!

Serving our communities of Beaver Valley, Collingwood, Feaversham, Flesherton, Meaford, Shelburne, Stayner & Wasaga Beach. Our Zone is made up of ten Kinsmen/Kinette clubs for you to checkout.

Each club proud to Serve Our Communities Greatest Needs.
Click to the side under club listings for the clubs your interested to know a little more about.

Before you do, scroll down and have a read of our past newsletter and salutations of past Deputy Governors with their experiences venturing across this Zone.


Our past Kin year in Zone C has been looking better since Covid. I'm happy to report that our clubs have been getting more involved with their communities and reaching out through club activities to engage their community members.

I'm absolutely thrilled that our Zone has even gained a new Kin Club. The Clearview Kin Club. they joined us back in October. They have been out already this year making an impact through raffle fundraisers all the way to cleaning up their local roads with a roadside clean up project. Keep up the great work team, your certainly on your way!!

I have seen great strides and even celebrated milestones. The Kinsmen Club of Meaford who's club is celebrating 70 years in Kin began a Bingo Night for their town. They have put on a few so far and continuing to do more. And of course they have their Annual Kin Kamp that is coming up in August. Book if you haven't yet. Sites are going fast.

The Collingwood Kinsmen have been at it all year long with their bottle drives throughout the communities of Collingwood. They have also partake in their town Santa Clause parade (as many of our other clubs have as well), dawned the red high heel shoes to raise funds for a local women shelter, gave thanks to their local first responders for their efforts through Covid and even did their own roadside clean up in the Spring.

Our Ladies have been just as active in their communities as much as the men have.
The Wasaga Kinettes have been out and about during National Day of Kindness and spreading warmth through the cold seasonal day at the bottom of a local toboggan hill passing out hot chocolate. They also held their annual Toys for Kids program which was another huge success for the club and more so for their community members who needed them the most. Now you can find the Wasaga Kinettes selling out their raffle ticket for an E-bike. That is just E-citing!!

The Shelburne Kinettes have been doing well with the fundraising efforts through their Christmas Wreath Fundrasier and Mothers Day Flower baskets sales to raise fund to support their local Health Care Center. Well Done ladies.

I have also introduced an incentive way to help promote membership growth.
G.E.T. with Kin. Greet! Engage/Educate/Encourage! Transition!
Aside from our new club in our zone, other clubs have seen their own growth in membership and I am happy to see and report that our numbers have grown since the beginning of this Kin year and I certainly hope that clubs members encourage others to GET with Kin and continue the growth within our Zone!

This year has been an exciting year for me. This is my first time in a DG role and I have enjoyed the trip. So much so that I am doing it again next year to continue the fun. This time I will be bringing on a partner in Crime!

Thank you to Brandon Ward for taking care of the financial needs of the Zone, Michelle Findley for her efforts with Zone awards and her excellent Bulletins and to Kevin Mead for filling in and helping out where I needed him.

Thank you all for an excellent year!!


Glen Card
Zone C Deputy Governor
Collingwood & District Kinsmen Club


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The Retched Clouds of Covid have Past

Hello Fellow my Kin of Zone C

Some of you may know me whether we met in person, through emails or even just viewing my postings over on our Zone Facebook page. Well I've taken an extra step to get to know you and your club's a little more.
My name is Glen Card. I'm from the Collingwood & District Kinsmen Club and I will be your Deputy Governor for the Zone during our 22/23 Kin year.
As the clouds of Covid continue to dissipate, I look forward to see what all our clubs will do to Serve their Community's Greatest Needs during this Kin year.
I'm looking to support your club's in the best way I can to assure a successful year throughout the Zone putting a lot of emphases to GET our membership up in numbers. We will be greeting a new KIN club into our Zones fold with the Clearview Kin Club beginning in October. This is an exciting expansion for sure.
This year I will have a small team with me to help me along.
Brandon Ward from Stayner as my Treasure, Kevin Mead from Collingwood as a Service director and Michelle Findley from Beaver Valley as my Awards/Bulletin director. I'm certainly looking forward to working with each of them this Kin year.
I am especially looking forward to seeing each of you to see your events and to see your clubs into action. It has certainly been a rough two years past and now we all get the chance to shine and do what we know best to do in our communities.
Thank you all and I look forward to a great Kin year ahead.
Please reach out to me for any needs/concerns you may have as a club or as a member and I will do my best to get you the answers to help you out.

Glen Card
Zone C Deputy Governor

A New Year Has Almost Begun

Greetings Fellow Kin
I am thrilled to say that I will be your incoming Deputy Governor for this year for the Zone C Kinettes.

For those of you that don't know me I have been in Kin since 1996. I have held many positions within the club, zone, and district, most recently as district secretary. I have previously been a Deputy Governor, but things have changed and I look forward to new challenges.

I am married to Rob, a Feversham Kinsmen, and we recently celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary at Spring Convention. We have two great kids, Joshua and Kayla, and recently welcomed our first grandchild Mason into the Houle family. Rob, myself, and Joshua all work as developmental support workers in Flesherton, and Kayla is a stay at home Mom.

I look forward to serving you this coming year. If you have any events you would like me to attend or anything that I can help with please contact me. If I don't know the answer I'll know where to find it.

Yours In Kin

Summer 2019

Happy Summer Zone C!

Many Many thanks to Bill Roskar and Kim Dadswell for the amazing job they did as DGs! If you are ahead of the game, you know that Kim won the Outstanding Zone Award!! We look forward to seeing more of Kim :)
Bill has accepted position on the WAO council as CF/Service Director, which we know he will excel at.
Lisa Burechails of Beaver Valley Kinettes, joins Bill as his partner in crime - they have hit the ground running and have many plans for this District!
Please remember extend invitations to Bill and Lisa to your events.

Your Incoming DGs are Mitch Warris of Stayner Kinsmen and Odette Houle of Flesherton and District Kinettes. They are both very excited to get busy with it and help this zone be the best it can be.

They will be bringing many new incentives such as the one below to present to you and will be inviting the Presidents to a President' Meeting to get you all started. STAY TUNED!!

Yours in Kin,
Governor Francine
WAO 2019-2020

Year End 2018
A hearty congratulations to Kim Dadswell of Collingwood Kinettes and Bill Roskar of Stayner Kinsmen on accepting the positions of Deputy Governors of Zone C for 2018-2019!! Both Scott and I are confident they will serve the zone well.
We would both like to say THANK YOU to our zone for their support these past two years - you guys are AMAZING!

Francine and Scott
DG Zone C 2016-2018

Spring 2018

Happy Zone Conference Zone C Kin!
Scott and I are busy prepping our annual meetings and are hoping that we see you there! The respective host clubs are promising humdingers of a time, so grab your hat and pop on by!
After the zone, Presidents please plan on attending the Presidents meeting - details on time and location to come soon.
The Spring Convention will be upon us, soon enough, don't forget to get your registration and hotel booking done by the 1st week of April. I cannot wait to see what the Fonthill Kinsmen have in store for us!!

Have a great spring!
Yours in Kin,
Francine and Scott

Happy Holidays!
Take care with your Holiday plans and travels, dear Kin. Before you know it, the festive time will have come and gone and we will be armpits deep in the cold, cold snow. Let the warmth of the holiday cheer steer you and yours towards a successful New Year.
Please remember that we are here for you and your club, and we hope to see lots of invitations to events and pictures to celebrate them!
Yours in Fellowship and Kin,
DG Francine and DG Scott

Zone C Kinette Fall Report

Happy warm Fall to you and yours!
After this rainy dreary summer, it was certainly nice to see some heat come our way.
As we ramp up for the upcoming 2017-2018 year, I as Deputy Governor have been busy emailing the Club presidents all pertinent information for their clubs use. Critical points to note going into the fall:
Installations of executives need to be completed by mid October if possible. I've gotten 2 done so far and had a lovely time visiting these ladies.
President's meeting with myself and Scott - we managed to get most of the presidents' out for a one on one, I believe it was a successful evenings all around.
Registration and Accredited delegate forms are out for the Fall Leadership Convention hosted by Stayner at the beautiful Georgian Manor in Collingwood.

The Mentorship program is up and ready to go - if you or a member of your club are interested in joining, please have a look at the application forms on Kin Canada. If you have questions, please contact me or Scott Tapley.

I look forward to getting out to everyone's events, please keep the invites coming - it is what I am here for - to help you make your club as successful as possible.
Cheers and I hope to see you soon.
DG Francine

Zone C Kinsmen Spring Report

Hello Everyone, as summer approaches, my first year as Zone C deputy governor is almost over, where does the time go! It seems like only yesterday I stepped into the role and attended DLS.

I can tell anyone that is thinking of becoming a DG that it has been a very rewarding and satisfying year, so much so I'm doing it again!

Zone C held its conference on March 12th, 2017 and was hosted by the Stayner Club and hats off to the guys, they did a great job. Attendance was good with all but one club present.

On April 20th, 2017, the Meaford Kinsmen hosted an interclub meeting with all Zone C Kinsmen Clubs in attendance, it was a great night and fun was had by all.

All second club visits are complete but one and I will be out to visit Shelburne soon. As always, lots on the go in the zone, here is a summary of recent and upcoming events by the clubs.

Meaford Kinsmen:
They are hosting July 1st Canada Day fireworks.
Putting on a baseball tournament on July 20th
As always, organizing and hosting the best KinKamp on August long weekend.
In October, will be running an annual hockey tournament.

Shelburne Kinsmen:
Held a draw for "Beer for a Year" which wrapped up middle of April.
Hosting July 1st celebrations.
Thanksgiving weekend - run a toll road.

Flesherton Kinsmen:
Will have a fish fry on June 17
2nd Annual Ribfest is on August 26. Great event, live entertainment and free camping.
Currently running a 50/50 draw

Feversham Kinsmen:
Annual heritage day is on April 24th
Running fireworks on July 1st Canada 150 Celebrations
July 25th hosting annual ball tournament

Stayner Kinsmen:
Hosted this years Zone conference
May 5th Annual duck race
June 17th Annual golf tournament
End of June host beer garden for weekly music in the park until the end of August
Road cleanup in May
Hosting FLC 2017 in Collingwood

Looking forward to the fall, there will be a presidents meeting and hopefully a joint meeting with the Zone C Kinettes on ways to retain and attract new members.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun summer,
DG Scott Tapley!!

2016-2017 Zone C Kinettes Spring Report

Almost a full year served with the Spring Convention coming up fast on our heals, hopefully served up with a good dose of warm spring weather to lighten our spirits!

I have to date, visited all the clubs twice, save one and will have that done before the year is up. It is good see how Zone C Kinettes work and play together. I’ve been lucky to have a great team come along when they could and I hope I echo their wishes on how much fun it has been.

The Flesherton and District Kinettes report that their big event, Frosty Market, was a success, they made over $700, congratulations! They served cookies and juice for KINdness Day, did a food drive for the local food banks before Good Friday, are excitedly planning a paint party in May. They are looking for recruitment ideas and are currently holding meetings at the Kinplex in Flesherton.

The Collingwood Kinettes are happy to report they have a couple new recruits looking to become apart of their busy club. Their projects include All about Me in October, club Craft Auction in November, KINdness Day in February and Diva on a Dime in April. The whole club attended the Zone CF night and found it very inspiring!

The Beaver Valley Kinettes are boasting an addition of 2 new members - and boy are they are filled with energy and ideas! The club ran Random Act of KINdess Day, a hotdog bbq at the Easter Eggstravaganza, have joined the Meaford ladies in hosting a Yuk Yuk's and will be bartending a Jazzmania this April as well. In September, they've booked to bartend a wedding!

The Meaford Kinettes projects for this Kin year number a slow pitch ball tournament, Kin Kamp, Scarecrow Invasion, roast beef dinner, Christmas tree sales, hockey tournament, group home Christmas party and macmillans sales. They are busy preparing for the Yuk Yuks and the Breast Cancer Golf Tournament as well.

The Shelburne Kinettes opened their kitchen to the patrons of ShelbrrFest, and are planning a busy 150th Celebrations for Canada Day, Heritage Music festival and Pickin in the Park. They are hoping to run the BBQ for a Baseball gala again, are planning another Shopping with Santa Vendor Sale and were happily involved in KINdness Day. They have expanded hiring to work bar sets and have catered a Celebration of Life.

The Wasaga Beach Kinettes have had several projects - Blood donor clinic assists, snowman mania with hot chocolate for the kids, Box lunches are quite a success, KINdness Day was a hoot, they are planning their yearly Giant Yard Sale and boast funding Buddy Benches for the schools. Veterans Day luncheon and Toys for Kids remain their biggest events. They also will continue to donate to hospice, the food bank, minor hockey.

It has been a great pleasure to help serve our community and I look forward to next years successes.
DG Francine

2016-2017 Zone C Kinettes Fall Report

So far, so good! I am enjoying this job, I must say. Getting out and talking, and helping the clubs in Zone C has been a hoot. I love attending their meetings, seeing their comradery and the obvious joy they feel providing service to their communities. These ladies are proud and strong and quite able to accomplish whatever they put their minds to!

Happy to say, I have all my clubs finally installed! Whew!

The Shelburne Kinettes, 10 strong, had as usual, a very busy summer, they were involved in about five projects and all but one we're very successful. They are also donating a large sum of money to the building of a pole barn out at the Fiddle Park.

The Collingwood ladies have been running quite a few membership drives, to bump up their tiny but mighty club! They just had their largest event and I believe it was very successful! I was able to help them out and enjoyed myself very much.

The Wasaga Beach Kinettes are 13 strong. They have planned a Remembrance Day luncheon, are accepting clothes for the kidney foundation, are donating Buddy Benches to local schools. They are quite involved in helping with blood donor clinic's and have a huge Christmas food bank donation toy room that is completely amazing!

The Flesherton and District kinettes are busy planning their annual Frosty vendor sale, I will be going out to help them with the event. Let us hope it is successful for everyone.

Meaford Kinettes club, at 16 strong, has quite a few projects planned. They are running their annual group home Christmas, assisting with the Santa Claus parade, selling Christmas trees and helping the Kinsman with the hockey tournament in Thornbury this November 11th.

Beaver Valley Kinettes boast 10 ladies. They are hosting the local Mason club for dinner and are running an internal membership competition - I believe Lauren is winning so far :).

I am looking forward to FLC and anticipate a busy Christmas season. As always, I will do my best to help the clubs in Zone C - just call, email, text, FB message!

YIK, DG Francine

Zone C

2014-15 Zone C Report

Spring is here! It sure seemed a long time in coming. Spring is also the time for Zone Conferences. The Zone C Kinettes met in Flesherton for our Conference. Thank you to the ladies from Flesherton & District Kinettes for hosting our "Roll Out The Red Carpet" day. I'm sure all that attended had a great time. The Wasaga Beach Kinettes won our costume prize. They were the Wizard of Oz, and they looked great. All the costumes were good, so I'm sure the Flesherton and District club had a hard time choosing.

We had a few award submissions and I'm happy to say that Katie McKean from the Collingwood Kinettes won the Junior Bulletin award and The Collingwood Kinettes won the Kevin Denbok Memorial Cystic Fibrosis award.Those have been sent on to compete at the District level. Francine Burt from the Shelburne Kinettes is the winner of the Joker and she too will compete at the District level. Congatulations and good luck everyone!!!

I am also happy to announce that I will once again be the Deputy Governor for next year. It has been a great year so far, and I am looking forward to next year with the Back to the Future team.

There are lots of projects, fundraisers and events planned from the clubs in Zone C over the next few months. I am looking forward to traveling with my Team to the clubs to visit & participate in some of the things they have going on. The weather will certainly be much better for traveling.

Keep me posted Ladies, so I can keep others posted too!

Deputy Governor
Zone C Kinettes

My name is Debbie Hodgkinson. I have belonged to the Kinette Club of Collingwood since 2011. I have participated in & enjoyed many things that the Kinettes have been involved in both at Zone & District level. I have held the positions of Registrar & Treasurer in my club.

My goal this year is to be able to visit & learn about each club in our zone. I would like to be able to share ideas that I may learn about from each of you. I would also like to see membership increase in all the clubs.

I look forward to learning & sharing ideas with other Deputy Governor's & Governor's in the District.

Kim Dadswell – Zone Cystic Fibrosis and Service

I have been a member of the Kinette Club of Collingwood for approximately 15 years. I am a small business owner and I have two young daughters who you might get to meet at some time.
I've been fortunate enough to hold most positions on the executive with the exception of treasurer (now that I'm doing registrar this year) I really enjoy participating in projects maybe more so than planning them out. I tend to "people watch" because it's actually entertaining and I am chronically shy. I am becoming more comfortable with my extended Kin family each year, but still working on this. I would guess that my club would consider me "the quiet easy going member who is prone to personality outbursts with a quiet sarcastic wit."

Francine Burt – Zone Membership

I have been a member of the Shelburne Kinettes Club since 2011. I like being a member of Kin for a variety of reasons - a good cause, meeting people, learning new things, and most of all for the feeling I experience at the end of a well run project - satisfaction, joy and comradery with my fellow Kin. Each new experience at the zone and district level of Kin has been wonderful and I look forward to many more years of service.


Hello Fellow Zone C Kin:

Please find your copies of the Zone C Newsletter here!


Report from 2013-14 Deputy Governor:


What a wonderful Spring Conference! A huge thank you to the Collingwood Kinettes for doing a splendid job. Everyone who attended had a great time - lots of fellowship and new friendships!

Saturday night was the Service and Awards presentation, which I proud to announce that Nikki Williams from the Shelburne Kinettes will be representing us for Speak Off. Good luck Nikki!

Congrats to the Collingwood girls, who will are sending on their Bulletin and the Kevin Denbok Service Award to the Nationals.

Zone C still has a little work to do in raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis. Currently we have raised $21,812.95 which is no small feat, but we're behind Zone B by $20,000.00. Come on Zone C - I know you have it in you! Make sure you get those donations to Service Director Katie to count for our total.

It's been a great year, and I am very pleased to let you know that Debbie Hodgkinson, from the Collingwood Kinettes will be your Deputy Governor for next year. Congrats Debbie, I know you will enjoy your time with the Clubs around the Zone.

Yours in Kin,



As we see another Kin year slowly slip away, it’s nice to take a look back on all of our accomplishments that we have achieved over the year. This has been and continues to be just about the most chaotic year I have ever had in Kin. This is partly because of all the clubs are so busy and because we have been searching all year for a new Deputy Governor.

As outgoing Deputy Governor, I am supposed to tell you highlights for the 2013-2014 year. Well best of all was the outstanding hospitality I received every time I visited. What an amazing bunch of gentlemen, and yes I do mean gentlemen. Oh some of you can tell a good dirty joke, some come into the meeting smelling like manure, some of you swear better than truck drivers, but you are all gentlemen. You have treated me with respect and still made me feel like a part of your club and for that I am thankful.

Our Zone Conference was a great success with five out six clubs attending. That hasn’t happened in over ten years. Now all we have to do is get the attendance up within the clubs. It is a great opportunity for your new members to learn about the other clubs. As a matter of fact we had two new members from the Feversham Kinsmen that volunteered to host Zone conference next year. They won the vote and I know it will be a spectacular event next year. There club was so proud of their participation that they even offered to let the two members chair the event and they have special awards for them just for volunteering. Congratulations to the award winners, it was great to see such participation from the clubs in the Zone.

There are many interesting events happening within the Zone in the next couple of months; Stayner is having a ‘Duck Race’, Beaver Valley is hosting ‘Lobsterfest’, Shelburne is working on ‘Fiddleville’, Flesherton is hosting a ‘Rockin Dance’, Feversham is hosting ‘Friday Night Suppers’, and of course Meaford is hosting ‘Kin Kamp’. Please contact the clubs if you would like to attend any of these events. Contact details are on the Zone C page on the District website. There is a registration for Kin Kamp on the Meaford page of the District website.

In closing I would just like to say thank-you to my daughter Kayla Houle for being a great Zone Service Director this year. I appreciate you travelling with me to the different clubs and for helping out at different functions, especially the ones where you were coming off shift work. Thank-you to all the clubs for welcoming me with open arms these past two years. I loved you hospitality, your humour, your honesty, and the drive you have to serve your communities. If anyone is at all interested in taking on the role of Deputy Governor please don’t hesitate to contact me. It will be one of the most rewarding years you will have in Kin. I have all the paperwork you will need and I am always willing to assist in any way I can.

Thank-you gentlemen for a fabulous and heart-warming two years.

Yours In Kin


It's a Miracle! My trip to Shelburne didn't involve whiteouts or blowing snow. In fact, it was a glorious sunny Sunday, March 23, and 21 Kinettes enjoyed the hospitality of the Shelburne Kinettes. Got to love that special "Shelburne Water".

Congratulations to Zone C Winners:

Speak Off: Nikki Williams from Shelburne
Zone C Service Award: Meaford Kinettes
Kevin Denbok Cystic Fibrosis Public Awareness Award: Collingwood Kinettes
Junior Bulletin Award: Kim Dadswell, Editor, Collingwood Kinettes
Joke Off: Cherie Sample from Shelburne

Best of Luck ladies at District - Let's bring home the hardware.

Next up is Spring Conference - held right here in Zone C hosted by the Collingwood Kinettes. Remember, you can always come for the meetings or hospitality, if you are not able to attend the whole conference. Hope to see Zone C well represented.

My term is coming to an end, and I am thrilled to have Debbie Hodgkinson from Collingwood take on the role of Deputy Governor. I know that she will do a great job. I've loved visiting all the Clubs in Zone C, and will miss that, but I've got a wedding to plan! (BV Kinette Lauren and BV Kinsmen Brodie are getting married in May 2015)


Greetings Gentlemen
Please follow the link below for information regarding your Zone Conference.
Let's see if we can have full Zone participation this year. I would love to see at least five members from every club in attendance.
See you there


Ground Hog Trivia Night

February 1, 2014
Flesherton Kinplex
Doors Open at 7:30pm
Games Begin at 8:00pm
Age of Majority
Cost $80.00 per table of 8
519-924-2422 or 519-372-8342 for reservations
Don't miss out book your table now.


Well do you think we have enough snow for the Sno-golf tournament? Snow has been falling here in Zone C since the end of November. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun? This week's forecast - snow, snow and snow! Oh well, when you live in a snow belt, that is what you want. Our clubs have all hunkered down for the winter, and will pop our heads out at the first sign of Spring - although there is the annual Inter-Club between Collingwood and Beaver Valley in January - I can bet there will be snow!

Never too early to plan - May 2 - 4 - the Collingwood Kinettes will be hosting Spring Convention "1964". Sounds like it is going to be a great one - looking forward to seeing everyone there. (Hopefully the snow will be gone by then!

The leaves are changing and we have already had our first snowfall – where did the Summer go?
As much as we miss Summer, the Clubs in Zone C have been very busy getting back into the swing of things with many projects on the go.
The Beaver Valley Kinettes hosted 2x Juno Award Blues Winner Jack de Keyzer with a packed house in September. The bar was hopping! Speaking of music – I hope a lot of you were able to attend Lucknow’s Music in the Fields and saw our very own Beaver Valley Kinette play bass for the Amy Rose Band who opened up for Big & Rich. She tells me it was a blast. Keep the date of November 23 open – the Amy Rose Band will be performing in Zone C – let’s all party like a redneck!
Meaford Kinettes are settling down nicely after a busy and successful Kin Kamp. The weather really co-operated this year – other than Friday night. They hosted their annual BBQ for the Scarecrow Invasion on October 4. Want to see some Scarecrows? Go to Meaford during the month of October – they are everywhere.
Collingwood held their semi annual Diva on a Dime in October and November began with their “One Stop Christmas Shop” evening. They are getting ready for their Craft Auction being held at the end of November.
The ladies in Shelburne were busy in the summer with Fiddlefest and Pickin’ in the Park. At their October meeting they had the grandmother of a Cystic Fibrosis child who they have been helping out with gas cards, come and speak with the members. What an amazing night (I happened to be there), to here this young lady’s story and the wonderful news – she had just received a new set of lungs the week before! Awe inspiring!
Wasaga Beach is gearing up for their Christmas Toys for Tots program and hosting the ever popular Christmas at the Beach Tour of Homes on November 16. Wasaga Kinettes is our largest group in Zone C with over 20 members attending their dinner meetings.
And of course, the exciting news – the Re-charter of Flesherton & District Kinettes. I had the honour to attend their re-chartering night, and I look forward to visiting with the Club once the “dust has settled.”
There is always something happening in Zone C – so come for a visit – and make sure you mark your calendar for Spring Convention – May 2 – 4, held right here in Collingwood!

Yours in Kin
Lisa W. Burechails, Deputy Governor, Zone C

Greetings Fellow KIN,
Like, Zone C Kinsmen have been totally gnarly in getting out in their community this fall. Like it’s been tubular man! Soon we are gonna hafta take the chill pill though ‘cause snow is a comin, like, ya know what I mean.
In all seriousness the snow will soon hit and that is when we in Zone C will break out the parkas, hats and mitts, and of course the snow tires. We are a hardy bunch up here and a lot of snow only slows us down a bit, we still keep going strong for our communities.
Now most of our clubs are gearing up for Santa Claus parades or Santa skates. Flesherton Kinsmen just finished hosting a successful “Freakers Ball” for all the witches and warlocks. Shelburne Kinsmen had a successful road toll this year. Beaver Valley Kinsmen didn’t sell out their lobsterfest this year but it sure was a successful and yummy evening. Everyone should remember that for next year as we haven’t been able to get tickets in previous year due to the sell out, so book yours early for next year.
We had two fantastic events happen in Zone C recently. One was a special evening when Stayner Kinsmen presented two Life Memberships, one to Garry Burkholder and one to Theo Schapp. It was a wonderful evening and the Zone C Kinettes sang a rousing rendition of the Kinette Song. The second amazing event was the charter of the Kinette club of Flesherton & district. Thank-you to the Kinsmen Club of Flesherton for sponsoring these ladies, I know this will be a great partnership.
That’s it for now, can’t wait to see you all this weekend.


Check it Out!


Below you will see a link to your Zone C timeline for this year. This short chart will help you to stay on track with dates and submissions. If you need more detailed information please contact me.
Yours in Kin
DG Ode

Welcome Back

Welcome Zone C Kinsmen.  I look forward to visiting all of you throughout the coming year.  You are a spectacular bunch of gentlemen and serve your communities well.  This promises to be a fun and interesting year.  If you have not already done so please contact me to set up a visit.

Please visit our Facebook page Zone C KIN.  I will be happy to post your upcoming events and articles on the Facebook page and on the District One Website.  Your club can have its own web presence on both these pages.

Yours In Kin


The 2012 – 2013 Zone C Gus Ferguson Participation Award goes to: The Kinsmen Club of Meaford.

The 2012 – 2013 Zone C Bill Lennox Zone Support Award goes to: The Kinsmen Club of Flesherton.

The 2012 – 2013 Sinclair Service Award goes to:
The Kinsmen Club of Feversham.

The 2012 – 2013 Zone C Kevin Denbok Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Award goes to: The Kinsmen Club of Shelburne.

Zone C Kinsmen Joke-Off:
Larry Sheard of the Kinsmen Club of Flesherton.

Best wishes at the District Competition to those that are moving forward. Congratulations to ALL.


Congratulations to all the Zone C Winners:

Juniour Bulletin Award: 'Kinette Club of Collingwood, editor Kim Dadswell'
Kevin Denbok Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Award: 'Kinette Club of Collingwood'
Zone C Kinette Service Award: 'Kinette Club of Beaver Valley'
Joke Off Award: 'Odette Houle, Kinette Club of Shelburne'
Speak Off Award: 'Christina Corbett, Kinette Club of Beaver Valley'

Way to go girls! We know that you will represent Zone C admirably at Spring Convention!


Check It Out
Check out the great happenings in your Zone. Support your fellow Kinsmen at their events and have fun too.


Greetings Fellow Kin
Please see the link below for a copy of the official call to Zone C Kinsmen Zone Conference. Also included below is a link for nominations for Deputy Governor and one for nominations for Zone Conference 2014, as well as a proxy form for Zone Conference. Please check the deadlines for each nomination and for your RSVP date for Zone Conference.
Yours In Kin
DG Ode


Please follow the links for your copy of the Zone C Kinsmen Newsletter.
DG Ode


Below you will see a link to your Zone C timeline for this year. This short chart will halp you to stay on track with dates and submissions. If you need more detailed information about the events please contact me.
Yours in Kin
DG Ode


Below you will find a copy of the Club Executive Seminar. As we are having a travelling seminar this year I have printed off two copies for each of the clubs. If you require more please feel free to use the reference below.
Yours In Kin
DG Ode

DG Ode

Hello. My name is Odette Houle and I am your incoming Kinsmen Deputy Governor.  I have been in Kin for 17 years and have held many positions within my Club, Zone and District, including President, Deputy Governor, and Governor.  I have a wonderful husband named Rob and two great kids, Joshua and Kayla.  

Welcome Zone C Kinsmen and Kinettes.  I look forward to visiting all the Kinsmen clubs of Zone C throughout the coming year.  You are a spectacular bunch of gentlemen and serve your communities well.  This promises to be a fun and interesting year.  If you have not already done so please contact me to set up a visit.

Please visit our Facebook page Zone C KIN.  I will be happy to post your upcoming events and articles on the Facebook page and on the District One Website.  Your club can have its own web presence on both these pages.

Kinsmen please let me know your events over the summer and for the coming year.  So far I only know about Shelburne Kinsmen and Fiddlefest on August 10, 11, & 12, 2012.

Yours In Kin

WELCOME Zone C Kinsmen


Hello Fellow Zone C Kin:

Please find your copies of the Zone C Newsletter here!


Below please find copies of the latest ammended versions (Zone Conference 2011) of the Zone C House Rules.

Zone C Club Addresses

Beaver Valley Kinette Club P.O. Box 637 Thornbury ON N0H 2P0
Collingwood Kinette Club Box 578 Collingwood ON L9Y 4E8
Feversham & District Kinsmen Club General Delivery Feversham ON N0C 1C0
Flesherton Kinsmen Club Box 68 Flesherton ON N0C 1E0
Flesherton and District Kinette Club Box 385 Flesherton ON N0C 1E0
Meaford Kinette Club Box 4822 Meaford ON N4L 1X6
Meaford Kinsmen Club Box 4816 Meaford ON N4L 1X6
Shelburne Kinette Club (ON) P.O. Box 87 Shelburne ON L9V2Z1
Shelburne Kinsmen Club (ON) P.O. Box 87 Shelburne ON L9v2Z1
Stayner & District Kinsmen Club P.O. Box 153 Stayner ON L0M 1S0
Wasaga Beach Kinette Club Box 425 Wasaga Beach ON L9Z 1A4

Thank you to our sponsors!

Karen Coutts, Heatherhill Business Solutions

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