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Let this year be one of rebuilding our clubs, meeting in person, participating in projects, fundraising and community service, all in real time and not virtually. Let's get real.


HAPPY 2020, ya right? The last 3 seasons of 2020 will be remembered as "Everything Cancelled". Our lives were changed dramatically due to the Covid 19 World Pandemic. Now it is our responsibility to restore life as we knew it to a new normal. Do not become discouraged. We are all in this together, so be supportive, be patient and be kind. Here's hoping 2021 brings us all health, happiness and prosperity. 'Tis a brave new world we live in.
YIK...Marty Fitzpatrick D1 ZJ DG


Happy 2020!

Can you believe that Kin is celebrating 100 years in February!
Wow! I look forward to seeing what all the clubs will be doing to celebrate!

Also...mark your calendars!
Zone conference will be Saturday, March 7th hosted by the Walkerton Kinsmen.
More details to follow!

Keep me up to date with all your events!

DG Lisa


It is September and all the clubs are starting up their meetings.
Alyssa and myself are making our way to each club this month and doing Executive installations.
We look forward to visiting each of you!
Don't forget to let us know of your events so we can come on out and lend a hand!

DG Lisa


Fall is slowly working its way to the "W" word and as we go to FLC Lisa and I have either visited or installed all the clubs in Zone J. As a team we have seen how unique each club is.
Now preparations are being planned for Santa Claus parades, shut in dinners, breakfast with Santa and a lot of everything Christmas.
Before this we hope to have a presidents round table and perhaps a zone social before the white stuff flies.
What an Awesome Year We Have Had

As I get ready to go to Spring Convention I am thinking back to the many meetings and events that I have had the pleasure of attending or hearing about in our Zone.
We have seen what a difference the Walkerton Kinettes can make in the lives of their fellow Kin through a Charity BBQ , we saw the Walketon Kinsmen Splash Pad come to fruition one year early, Tara Kinettes held a successful Shopping Day event again this year, Chesley Kinsmen once again held an awesome Agrifair, Paisley Kinsmen held another great Maple Syrup festival with a great an exciting Lumber Jack Show to name just a few.
Robert and I hope to be able to attend just as many great events next year.

There Is A New Deputy Governor Joining Me Next Year

This past weekend Robert Fitzell was voted in as the other Zone J Deputy Governor. Congratulations Robert. I am so excited to have a partner next year. We are going to have an awesome year!!!


Accredited Delegate Forms

You may be asking yourself why the Deputy Governors are badgering you to make sure that your forms are in on time. Well we want your club to have a vote, whether it be at a FLC or Spring Convention or your own Zone Conference. If we have no form completed, your club has no vote.
Your accredited delegate may be someone from your club that is attending one of these events or it can be another member of a club that you trust with your vote. Remember that this choice must be recorded in your minutes, the president and secretary must both sign the form and please let them know that you have chosen them to represent your club.
I hope to see all of the accredited Delegate forms fly into my inbox for our own Zone conference but also for Spring Convention.


Elaine Johnston

2013-14 Zone J Report

Report from 2013-14 Deputy Governors:

Hello fellow Kin,

Things are just getting started here in Zone J as most of us take a break over the summer months.
There were a few of us that were busy in the community though. Our newest club to Zone J, The saugeen Shores Kin held a "Touch A Truck" event this past August with all proceeds going towards the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre World War I trench Exhibit. They also handed out Canada flags and pins on Canada day as their "Day of KINdness" The Walkerton Kinsmen and Kinettes paired up to serve breakfast to 500 people at the Cargill Homecoming. The Chesley Kinsmen had another great Julyfest weekend(ball tournament, beer gardens and car show on the Sunday of the July long weekend).
The Walkerton Kinsmen have been busy bunch of men planning their third annual Jailhouse Rock Sept 12&13th. This year they are breaking out of the Walkerton Jail and moving the event to the community centre. That isn't the only big change, they have also added an extra night so it will run friday night and saturday. Friday night you will enjoy the Boots & Heart Emerging artist Award winner The Reklaws starting at 9:30pm. Saturday is a packed day with doors opening at 1 pm. You will enjoy hearing artist such as Casey Shewfelt, Miles of Bone just to name a couple and the evening end with David Wilcox. You can enjoy these two days for just $35.00. Proceeds from this event go to support the Kinsmen Splashpad! Hope to everyone there.


Elaine Johnston
Mike Walsh
Zone J DG

Up Coming Kinette Events


8/12 Breakfast with Santa for more info check out Chesley Kinette Facebook Page

8/12 -Buisness Gala Evening (for local Businesses) Tara Kinettes

Skating with Santa Tara Kinettes details to follow

Tara Kinettes Home Shopping Day - November 17, 2012

We had 29 vendors of various types: direct sales companies, craftors, bakers, chocolatiers, artisans etc,. We had a steady stream of people through out the day, it was our 2nd annual Christmas Home Party Show & Shopping Expo and look forward to holding our 3rd annual next year. Becca Simpson, Chair of the Home Shopping Day Committee

Here are a few photos from the event

* 2012-Tara-HomeShopping-1.jpg (Tara Home Shopping 2012)  Δ

A Word from the Deputy Governors
Today, November 11, 2012, we remembered those who are fighting, who fought and still live and especially for those who fought and lost their lives so that we can enjoy peace. Never forget those who have gone before us.

The Portrait of Honour Song was sung today at the National War Museum - check out more updates on Portrait of Honour here

DG Cheryl Toohey

Up Coming Kinette Events
November 17, 2012 - Tara Kinettes Home Shopping Expo click here for more information

December 8, 2012 - Chesley Kinettes Breakfast with Santa at the Klages Mill

Chesley Kinettes held their Annual Darlene's Kinspiel, in honour of the late Darlene Gardhouse, a former Chesley Kinette.

The theme was 80's. There were three draws and much fun to be had. Lunch and supper were provided by the hard working Kinettes.

2012-Chesley-Kinspiel-1.jpg: 960x720, 73k (November 12, 2012, at 12:27 AM)
Billy-ionaires - First Place Kinsmen Team
2012-Chesley-Kinspiel-2.jpg: 960x720, 76k (November 12, 2012, at 12:27 AM)
Thea & the Boyz - Overal Winners
2012-Chesley-Kinspiel-3.jpg: 960x720, 94k (November 12, 2012, at 12:27 AM)
Bathing Suit Bitties - Boobie Prize Winners
2012-Chesley-Kinspiel-4.jpg: 960x720, 139k (November 12, 2012, at 12:29 AM)
Tribute to Brianne Gardhouse
2012-Chesley-Kinspiel-5.jpg: 960x720, 80k (November 12, 2012, at 12:29 AM)
Saved by the Bell First Draw Gold Medalist
2012-Chesley-Kinspiel-6.jpg: 960x720, 77k (November 12, 2012, at 12:31 AM)
Rock of Ages Second Draw Gold Medalist
2012-Chesley-Kinspiel-7.jpg: 960x720, 98k (November 12, 2012, at 12:31 AM)
Sweeping Beauties Third Draw Gold Medalist

Check out more photos on the Chesley Kinette Facebook Page

Chesley Kinettes had their Annual Trivia Night at Klages Mill in Chesley. They had 11 teams come out and play. Costumes ranged from Richard Simmons' Crew to 70's to Star Wars to WWE fighters.

The first place winners were Team B&L and second place winners were Team Star Wars. Best dressed winners were Team Wrestlemania.

2012-Chesley-TriviaNight-1.jpg: 960x720, 88k (November 11, 2012, at 11:53 PM)
Team B&L
2012-Chesley-TriviaNight-2.jpg: 960x720, 110k (November 11, 2012, at 11:53 PM)
Team Star Wars
2012-Chesley-TriviaNight-3.jpg: 960x720, 118k (November 11, 2012, at 11:54 PM)
Team Wrestlemania

Check out more photos on the Chesley Kinette Facebook Page

DG Cheryl

My team members this year are Henry Paliga – Cystic Fibrosis Director; Jane Godin – Secretary/Treasurer, Mike Walsh - Membership Director, and Karen Coutts – Awards Chair.

Welcome to year 2012-2013 it is going to be an UP year for Zone J as we embark on a journey to bring Kin to great heights.

You can find email the Zone J Deputy Governors at zonejdg [snail] gmail [period] com - Find us on Facebook Zone J Kin Page – And Follow us on Twitter, coming this fall.

Zone J clubs are taking a break for the summer in regards to events but come Fall watch for our Kin fun filled events!


Join us on Facebook! Our group is simply called Zone J Kin. Everyone is welcome - watch for events, photos, and news from our clubs.

President's Round Tables went very well - thank you to the clubs that came out. We hope that you found the opportunity for discussions helpful. Hopefully these will become a regular occurance in our zone - if you have any suggestions please let us know! Thanks again to the Walkerton Kinsmen for the use of their KinHall for these meetings.

Great job by the Chesley Kinsmen for hosting Zone Conference on St. Patrick's Day. Unfortunately the only competition entered was the joke-off...and even that only had 4 out of 10 clubs participating. We'll look to improve that next year! For those of you who weren't there, you missed our special guest: National President Dave Ronson joined us, in honour of the Chesley Kinsmen's upcoming 75th Anniversary. Attach:ZC2012

Congratulations and welcome aboard to Deputy Governor-elects Cheryl Toohey from the Chesley Kinettes, and Mark Ballagh from the Teeswater Kinsmen (returning for his second year). The fact that we have young members in our zone that are ready and willing to take on this role for two years speaks well to the level of support that they receive from each of the clubs in the zone. Let's not let them down...this is a group effort.

Mobster Mayhem 2012 is the theme for this year's Spring Convention. Please take time on the May long weekend to attend at least part of the proceedings, and let your club's voice be heard. It really is a great opportunity to find out more about what's happening in the association. Gala registration is only $60 - if you get in by April 6th. The Convention Galas are amazing events...and a super time to network. We're looking forward to the recognition that several local Kinettes will get this year...as they are working on their Diane Rogers Kin Pride Awards. Way to go, ladies!!

If your club has not given us completed proxy forms, we will be in touch soon to get one! Governors Dan and Colleen have made it their mission to have proxies from every club in the district for both District and National conventions this year. Speaking of National, Kinvention is in Peterborough this year, and the Peterborough Kinsmen are PUMPED about hosting the Association! Check out kinvention.ca for more information about what they have planned.

Good luck to all of the clubs that are heading into their major events at this time of year...we hope to see you soon! Don't forget to take pictures, and get them into your local paper, KinshipOne, and Kin Magazine...we're doing great work in Zone J, it's time for us to be proud of it.

Let's REV it up!

DGs Karen Coutts and Mark Ballagh

Zone J Club addresses

Chesley Kinette Club P.O. Box 458 Chesley ON N0G 1L0

Chesley Kinsmen Club P.O. Box 277 Chesley ON N0G 1L0

Hanover Kinsmen Club Box 20151 Hanover ON N4N 3T1

Paisley & District Kinsmen Club Box 4 Paisley ON N0G 2N0

Tara & District Kinette Club R.R. #2 Tara ON N0H 2N0

Teeswater & District Kinsmen Club Box 167 Teeswater ON N0G 2S0

Walkerton Kinette Club P.O. Box 1175 Walkerton ON N0G 2V0

Walkerton Kinsmen Club P.O. Box 102 Walkerton ON N0G 2V0

Thank you to our sponsors!

Karen Coutts, Heatherhill Business Solutions

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