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Zone H House Rules

1. All Zone house rules must comply with both National regulations and the District House rules. In the event that there is a contradiction, the National regulations or the District House rules will govern.
2. The Zone Deputy Governor will be elected at the Zone H Conference to be held in the Spring of each Kin year. In the event no candidate steps forward, the incoming Governors team can appoint a candidate as per the District House rules.
3. The Zone Deputy Governor will be either a Kinsmen or Kinette of good standing who will represent all Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin Clubs in Zone H.
4. The Zone Deputy Governor will assemble a team consisting of (but not limited to) a Treasurer, a Secretary, a CF Service Director, a Zone Awards Chair and a Membership Director. Any Kinsmen, Kinette or Kin can fill one or more of these positions.
5. The Zone Deputy Governors role is to represent the concerns of Zone H at all District level events, to present District and National information to the Clubs in the Zone, to promote the aims and goals of the Association, to encourage interclub events between the Clubs in Zone H and to foster fellowship within Zone H.
6. The Zone Deputy Governor may assess Zone dues of up to $5.00 per member based on the Assessment numbers at the time of the Zone Conference at which they are elected.
7. The Zone Deputy Governor (or a representative from his team) shall attend and participate in the Installations of all Clubs in Zone H.
8. The Zone Deputy Governor (or a representative from his team) shall host a September round table to kick off the Kin Year.
9. The Zone Deputy Governor (or a representative from his team) shall host a January mid-term meeting to meet with all the Zone Presidents and ensure the orderly conduct of all Zone business.
10. The Zone Deputy Governor (or a representative from his team) shall host an annual Zone Conference to discuss and vote on the Zone, District and National issues. The meeting is to be held between mid-March and mid-April of the Kin Year.
11. A host Club for the following years Conference will be chosen at the Zone Conference.
12. At Zone Conference one (1) vote per Club in good standing shall be allowed on all issues and resolutions. Only Clubs listed as “in good standing” at National and District level will be allowed to vote. Poll votes of members will be allowed on non-National/District issues.
13. The host Club chosen for Zone Conference is responsible for the meal costs of the District Representative, the Vice- Governors Team representative and the National representative as per District by-laws.

Proposed changes for Zone Conference 2016

Zone H Deputy Governor, 2015-2016: Andy Mantha

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