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Posted Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Stayner Club Keeping Busy

WOW ! What a weekend for the Stayner Club. Started Thursday night (November 30) with set up for local business dinner / dance. Sold out event with 150. On Friday night the club did dinner, live band, bar and dancing till the wee hours. Then, up and out early to host and organize our annual Santa Clause Parade including free hot dogs, hot chocolate and free skate with Santa at the end. Then, just to avoid getting bored it was back to last nights scene of the crime to reset the tables and room for the second night of dinner, dancing etc. etc. Second night was another sell out with 150 people served. Once we got rid of everybody in the wee small hours, clean up and tear down had to be done since the hall was booked next morning for another function. An extremely busy weekend but all the members stepped up and did their part, in fact often we had too much help. Oh, and by the way, somehow there was time for fellowship. That's what Kin is all about.

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