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2015-16 District One News Archive

Kinship One issues

District News posts

Accredited Delegate Form for National Convention

The Accredited Delegate Form for National Convention is due to Kin HQ no later than July 15, 2016. If the form is not submitted to National Headquarters by this deadline, your Club will not be able to vote at National Convention.

1920 Rogers Drive, Box 3460
Cambridge, ON N3H 5C6
Tel: (800) 742-5546
Fax: (519) 650-1091
kinhq [snail] kincanada [period] ca

Update for Accredited Delegate Forms

The upcoming elections at District Convention have caused the Back to the Future team to reassess those that are currently responsible for key points of the process, one being the collection and recording of the Accredited Delegate forms. In order to ensure there is no perceived issues of conflict, we have relieved District Secretary Debbie Ruffley from all Credential responsibilities for this year's Spring Convention. Taking her place will be Past Governor Terri Iredale who will serve as the Credentials Chair for Spring Convention 2016 to be held in Fort Erie May 6-8th. Terri has no affiliation with either team running.

Please see the REVISED Accredited Delegate form Δ. It requests the same information of you as a club, but what has changed is where you send your completed form and who is tabulating all information. We ask you to please complete this form and return it to credentials [snail] district1kin [period] ca before the deadline of April 26th 2016.

PLEASE DO NOTE: If you have already addressed this at a regular club meeting and filled out the previously circulated form ( and returned it ) those forms are still valid as they were voted on, signed and witnessed by your club and will be your Accredited Delegate form. We thank you for your diligence in getting this filled out and returned.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience that this poses to you and your club but do hope you understand the need for this change.

Please feel free to contact Credentials Chair Terri Iredale or Governor Katie McKean should you need further clarification.

Yours in Kin,
Back to the Future Team 2015-2016

Zone Conference Dates

ZoneDeputy Governor(s)Date
Zone FTerry Baldwin & Matt SharpeFebruary-28-16
Zone A KinsmenDerek CiuciuraMarch-03-16
Zone C KinettesKatie McKeanMarch-05-16
Zone K KinettesTerri IredaleMarch-05-16
Zone C KinsmenBill RoskarMarch-06-16
Zone JElaine JohnstonMarch-06-16
Zone K KinsmenTyler BradyMarch-06-16
Zone DEileen Newton-GeorgeMarch-08-16
Zone GRandy SammsMarch-23-16
Zone HAndy ManthaMarch-23-16
Zone A KinettesElaine CouchMarch-30-16
Zone BFred MollisonApril-03-16

FLC Workshops Announced

The workshops have been announced for FLC 2015 'Komic Kin'.

In the morning, there will be a workshop presented to the entire group. There will also be a special visit from the National Board of Directors and our new Executive Director Grant Ferron.

Workshop Choices Session One (afternoon):

  1. Risk Management 101
  2. Creating a Culture of Respect in Kin

Workshop Choices Session Two (afternoon):

  1. Cystic Fibrosis & Service
  2. Rules of Order

New Member's Seminar (afternoon):

Are you a new member? Are you interested in learning the basics of being part of this incredible Association? Rather than attending workshops in session one and two, you can participate in a New Member's Seminar. Join Education Committee Chair Terri Iredale for an informative 2.5 hour workshop on a being a new member of Kin Canada.

If you are unable to join us for the entire workshop, don't forget you can also come Saturday for workshops. Bring a lunch with you or make sure to register for one with the host club. Business will begin at 8:30am.

Please note that rooms are quickly filling up at the host hotel, so be sure to book yours before October 6th. Visit the St. Thomas Kinsmen website for information on registering for all or part of FLC and booking your room. Remember that the seminars are open to all members at no cost, but you must register with the host club if you wish to take advantage of the meal(s) and coffee breaks provided by the hotel.

Successful Kin Seminar

Seminar Topics

  • Voting Procedures: How it's changed and what you need to do as a club to adhere to the new process. Presented by National Education Committee member Karen Coutts
Below are the links to the voting videos ..

Executive Positions: Interested in an executive position? Want to learn more about the position you're in?

President and Vice President presentation can be found at the following link: http://www.district1kin.ca/index.php/DistrictTeam/Governors
Membership presentation can be found at the following link: http://www.district1kin.ca/index.php/DistrictTeam/MembershipDirector
Secretary presentation as follows:
Treasurer presentation can be found at the following link: http://www.district1kin.ca/index.php/DistrictTeam/Treasurer
Communications presentation as follows:
Cystic Fibrosis / Service presentation as follows:
* 2015SuccessfulKinSeminarPoster.jpg Δ

FLC Online Registration Now Available

Visit the St. Thomas Kinsmen website to register online for "Komic Kin" FLC 2015.

And, if you need a little inspiration for costume ideas ...

District One Cystic Fibrosis Trip 2016

District One Cystic Fibrosis Trip 2016
The Riu Playa Blanca Resort in PANAMA

More information can be found on the Vice Governors page.

2011-2012 Cystic Fibrosis Dollars

Cambridge North Dumfries Kinsmen - $20.31
Preston Kinsmen & Kinettes - $47.87
Flamborough & District Kin - $2,320.00
Kinsmen Club of Hamilton - $2,573.79
Kinsmen Club of Hamilton - $676.85
Fort Erie Kinette Club - $800.00
D&D Fiddle & Firken Golf Tournament - $125.00
Zone J - $ 550.00

Total As of Sept 1-2011 - $7113.82

District 1 CF Donations 2010-2011

Hamilton Kinsmen - $400.80
Meaford Kinsmen - $3000.00
Flamborough Kinsmen - $1550.00
Lucknow Kinsmen - $202.20
TiCat 50/50 - $5708.13
Owen Sound Kinettes - $334.14
Shelburne Kinsmen - $5000.00
Collingwood Kinettes - $311.88
Brad Bedford - $100.00
Paul Dahmer - $425.00
Corky Corcorhan - 60.92
Tillsonburg Kinettes - $200.00
Widsor Kin - $8250.00
Preston Kinettes - $500.00
Guelph Kinettes - $1000.00
Stayner Kinsmen - $5000.00
Chesley Kinsmen - $2000.00
Sarnia Kinsmen - $600.00
Dresden Kinsmen - $1000.00
Dover Kinsmen & Kinettes - $2000.00
Blenheim Kinsmen - $2500.00
Zone C Zone Conference - $46.15
Feversham Kinsmen - $1000.00
Collingwood Kinettes - $1000.00
Wasaga Beach Kinettes - $1500.00
Clinton Kinettes - $1258.26
Drayton Kinsmen - $2700.00
Palmerston Kinettes - $700.00
Preston Kinsmen - $1890.00
Collingwood Kinettes - $203.95
Collingwood Kinettes - $491.86
Collingwood Kinettes - $29.27
Brad Bedford - $66.80
Grimsby Kinsmen - $2500.00
Fonthill Kinsmen - $2330.77
Fort Erie Kinsmen - $250.00
West Lincoln Kin - $200.00
Cayuga Kinsmen - $19,000.00
Stratford Kinsmen - $1010.00
St. Marys Kinsmen - $1000.00
KW Kinsmen - $2000.00
Chesley Kinettes - $1300.00
Port Dover Kinsmen - $$1000.00
Preston Kinsmen - $1000.00
Mt. Forest Kin - $1843.00
RCB Kinsmen - $20.00
Fergus Kinsmen - $10,600.00
Harriston Kinsmen - $4176.54
Gene Adams - $100.00
Grimsby Kinettes - $200.00
Clinton Kinsmen - $2282.95
Goderich Kinsmen - $2800.00
Stratford Kinettes - $48.50
Meaford Kinettes - $500.00
Convention Hair Cut - $328.24
Listowel Kinettes - $999.36
Oakville Kinettes - $633.52
Chatham Kinettes - $1000.00
Walkerton Kinettes - $570.50
Listowel Kinsmen - $9079.00
Beaver Valley Kinettes - $500.00
KW Kinsmen - $1046.00
KW Kinettes - $850.00
Goderich Kinettes - $500.00
St. Marys Kinettes - $2000.00
Niagara on the Lake Kinsmen - $500.00
Lucknow Kinsmen - $2000.00
Lucknow Kinettes - $2200.00
RCB Kinsmen - $1500.00
Belgrave Kinsmen - $1752.17
Hamilton/Stoney Creek Kinettes - $100.00
WGR Kinettes - $50.00
Clinton Kinettes - $513.63

Direct Donations to the Cystic Fibrosis Canada 2010-2011

(*Note these donations up to December 31/10 will be included in the 2009-2010 Kin Year totals*)
Stevensville Kinettes - $500.00
Niagara On The Lake Kinsmen - $200.00
Fergus & District Kinsmen - $10,000.00
After Jan1/2011
Flesherton Kinsmen - $200.00
Lucknow Kinettes - $50.00
Guelph Kinettes - $50.00
Listowel Kinsmen (to HOPE Chap.) - $10,000.00
Dorchester & Area Kinsmen - $1500.00
Misc. (to London Chap.) - $330.86

Thank you to our sponsors!

Karen Coutts, Heatherhill Business Solutions

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