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Posted Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Awards Blurb

Hello District 1

It’s October already and that means that November 15th is fast approaching. November 15th is the due date for your National dues, National Insurance, and Proof of filing of prior years Annual Incorporation Return. When your club does these items it means that you have completed the first 3 items on the Boake Efficiency Award Affidavit. By completing these 3 items your club is only 4 more items away from accomplishing the award.

Boake Efficiency Award Affidavit?

1. National Dues paid by deadline of Nov. 15th of current Kin year.
2. National Insurance form filed by deadline of Nov. 15th of current Kin year.
3. Proof of having filed Annual Incorporation Return by deadline of Nov. 15th of the prior Kin year.
4. Annual Club information form (previously known as annual club reporting) filed with National Headquarters by deadline of June 15th of current Kin year.


5. District dues paid by deadline
6. Communication letter/email from Club President attesting that a financial audit or review has been completed on the clubs’ previous years’ financial statements sent to the District Governor by December 31
7. Communication letter/email from Club President attesting that the Corporations T2 (income tax) form has been duly filed with CRA
8. Invite a member of the District Council to attend a club meeting/function

There is a total of 8 items but the requirement is to complete 7 of the 8. The last requirement seems to me to be one of the easier requirements to fulfill. Just shoot me an email and I can attend your meeting to help you out, or answer questions.
Once you have those requirements fulfilled there are only 3 more things to complete and your club will earn the Outstanding Boake Efficiency Award.

'''Outstanding Boake Efficiency Award Affidavit
1. Club in attendance at Zone Conference
2. Club in attendance at Fall Leadership Conference*
3. Club in attendance at District Convention

  • If no Fall Leadership Conference is held that year, the club is deemed to have attended.

Wow, all your club has to do is have someone in attendance at the conferences and convention and your done. You have now qualified for the award.


Thank you to our sponsors!

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