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Posted Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Call to virtual Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) 2020

While we will not be able to get together in person, your District Council is working hard to plan a virtual Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) that will have something for everyone. This will be a one-day event on Saturday, November 7th.

With the cancellation of Spring Convention this year, there is a substantial amount of District business that we need to catch up on. To that end, the Governors will be declaring this FLC a mini-convention. It is extremely important that we have as many clubs and members participate as possible as we journey through this strange year, and plan for the future.

Please ensure that your club discusses and completes the Accredited Delegate (AD) form as soon as possible. Incomplete forms will be returned to the Club, in order that they can fix it and resubmit it before the October 26, 2020 deadline.

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