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Thank you to everyone that took part in the meeting on June 21st where our first virtual District Budget vote results were presented. This was a totally new process and admittedly completely different from what we traditionally do, but necessary in these unprecedented times. Technology is now and will continue to play an important part in the continuing link of our clubs and club, zone and District activities. Thank you to those that have embraced this "challenge" to help us in performing necessary duties to ensure the continued support and function of the District Board.

Thank you for passing the District One "no dues" Operational Budget for 2020-2021. Your incoming District Board is anxious to start serving your needs.

Please find the minutes for the meeting at this link.

And the approved District One Operating Budget 2020-2021 at this link.




Dear Fellow Kin,
This is your Official Call to District One Special Members Meeting hosted by We Are One Council, ONLINE, June 21st

Sunday, June 1st:
• CTO 7:00pm
• Credentials Open 7:00pm
• Appointments
• Adjournment 7:15pm

Friday, June 19th:
• Credentials Desk Closes 11:59pm

Sunday, June 21st:
• Call to Order 7:00pm
Credentials Report
 BelieveKin proposed budget 2020-2021
• Meeting adjournment 9:00pm

NOTE: times are approximate and may change slightly to accommodate agenda items

Yours in Kin,
Francine Burt & Scott Tapley
District One Governors 2019-2020

Provisional processes directed by ED Grant have been communicated to the sitting Governors and incoming VG teams to ensure that the necessary business is done, both to support incoming teams and provide some needed assurances for the Districts going forward. To that end, we have been directed to facilitate the Vice Governors Budget approval before the end of June.

''The authority to do so is stated in the Association’s General Operating By-Law #2:

For the better administration of the Association and in order to facilitate the furthering of its Purposes, the territory of the Association shall be divided into Districts and, as necessary, further sub-divided into Zones. All Districts and Zones are internal operating divisions of the Association that do not have legal standing outside of the Association and, as such, are accountable to the Board of Directors. The Board may, in its sole discretion from time to time, adopt additional Policies and Procedures to address the boundaries of such Districts and Zones. Each Club situated within the boundaries of a District and, as applicable, a Zone shall be a member of such District and/or Zone. Each District and Zone shall prepare and adopt governing documents in accordance with the requirements set out in applicable Policies and Procedures. The Board may also, in its sole discretion from time to time, adopt additional Policies and Procedures to address the purposes, rights, privileges, duties, fee payments, termination of status and any other matters related to Districts and Zones.''



AND to keep everything simple, the ORIGINAL cutoff dates for VG Nominations and Resolutions to D1 House Rules will be honoured. https://www.district1kin.ca/index.php/ResourceLibrary/HouseRules

We did not come to this decision lightly, and frankly, wished to push out this call for a few weeks, but the reality of these times is working against such a hope.
With our provincial government continuing the shut down of services and extending the band to groups of five or more, as well, recovery models showing the impact of the pandemic to continue for a couple months, conservatively stated, we believe that the ban on group activities will not be lifted in time for our convention.

We would like to thank the convention committee, especially Past Governor Debbie Flagg, for their efforts in the planning of the convention, and we are truly disappointed that we will not see the fruits of this labor.

Please be advised that the hotel cancelled the convention without charging us a fee. Which is outstanding! They are also in the process of cancelling reservations made under the Kin block. If you made reservations outside of the Kin block, you will need to call in to cancel them for that date. All registration checks will be returned.

Awards (ACCEPTED UNTIL MAY 14) will be graded and presented along with the FLC awards in November.

Kin Through The Decades May 1st - 3rd June 12th -14th 2020

Clarion Hotel & Conference Centre
1485 Garrison Road
Fort Erie
Hosted By Zone D Kin


Full Early Registration by April 10th $145
Full Late Registration $155
Both include all meals except Friday night Welcome Event($10)

Saturday Breakfast $27 Lunch $30 Gala Dinner $65
Sunday Breakfast $27


Standard Room $99/night - guaranteed until April 7th
Group Booking Name: District 1 Kin Spring Convention

Documents For Spring Convention

Thank you to our sponsors!

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