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RocKIN out in Grand Bend

What a HUGE success FLC 2019 RocKIN Out in Grand Bend was. Thank you to the host committee, and Chairs Mike, Ryan and Peter, for their obvious hard work and dedication to make this a weekend to remember. The venue, the staff, the food, the parties, the meetings and the amazing Cystic Fibrosis Fundraising; what else can be said.

Here are the minutes of FLC 2019 for your reading pleasure


GINA DOBBEN presentation Grant Writing; Where to find the money and how to get it!

GAYLE DRAPER Presentations:

Dear District 1 KIN,

Thank you for inviting me to speak at the conference. Monika has set us up for even more success by distributing the PowerPoints for both presentations. Just a few notes below from me to get you started.

Aligning Career, Fellowship and Volunteerism

 Please take some time and read through the slides. We were able to cover all slides in the presentation but we were unable to spend time on ‘Areas of Improvement for Each Networking Style’. This will give you the opportunity to review the content yourself.

Diversity, Civility and Building a Positive Service Club Experience

 We were able to get though 2/3 of our content in the afternoon and wrapped up after our Diversity content with our Airplane exercise and partner discussions with fellow District members.
Gayle Draper presents at District 1 Kin Fall Leadership Conference, November 9, 2019
 Take some time and look at flexibility and some great quotes on change and growth.
 The pop quiz will be a good eye opener for you as it covers 5 quick questions. Score your ‘Personality Style During Change’ to determine if you are a Visionary, Change Agent, Majority Adopter or a Change Resister.
 Time Management and Coping Techniques content will always need refreshers for everyone and also a great opportunity to look at adding some new tools to your tool belt.
 Take some time to re-watch the ‘Diversity’ video and the one we did not watch ‘Eat That Frog’ with Brian Tracey.
 Lastly review the slides on Passive, Aggressive, and Passive Aggressive communication styles and our better choice of Assertive style.
 Wrap up with the Wellness Wheel and the 8 areas to consider.

We are thankful that Gayle was able to share her weekend with us and give us such great food for thought. The post its from the air plane exercise were given to Club Support Director Brenda Dineen and she will be compiling the information to share with us with the outcome of her presentation as well ..

Looking forward to the next adventure in Fort Erie, May 1 - 3 2020.

November 8-10, 2019

The We Are One Team is very excited to tell you that our FLC will be held at the very lovely Oakwood Resort in Grand Bend!

You will not want to leave!

Please register and book your room immediately, as the spots are gonna fill up.

We have an amazing program chock full of relevant education that we are positive you and your club will benefit from.

Documents for FLC 2019

Spring Convention 2019 Minutes

For your reading pleasure the minutes for Spring Convention 2019 can be found by following the link below.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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