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Lori Schnarr

Vice Governor

Hello Everyone,

I am a Palmerston & District Kinette. I am blissfully married to Paul Schnarr a Listowel Kinsmen and we have 3 boys. I have packed a lot into my short Kinette career, mainly because of all the opportunities that I have had placed at my disposal. But also because of the great people I have met in this association that saw something in me and encouraged me to go for it.

Do I feel that we have the experience for the job? Possibly, will it matter? I don’t think so. I am a dedicated person, and I think we can handle the job. We both have mentors we can go to and there are great people in this association that I know we can count on for support or help. My work and family experience has helped me to learn how to deal with people, not to panic in sticky situations.

I learn from my mistakes and try to never make them a second time. Life is a continual learning experience and I love to learn. I joined Kin to widen my friend circle, and to do some community service. Both of those things have been accomplished in astounding ways. I have met and can now call friends people that I never would have met if it was not for Kin. Each one of these people have helped me grow as a human being and given me gifts that they don’t know they have given.

I look forward to the next year and the great learning experience I am in for. Feel free to contact me at any time whether it is a question, to rant, to complain or seek advice. If I don’t know the answer I will find it out and get it for you, because if I don’t know the answer already it is something that I should know for future.

Yours in Kin,
Lori Schnarr

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