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Convention Registration can be done here: http://www.kincanada.ca/convention

Information on the National Vice President Candidates can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/174239926542450/
and here:

Information on National Director Candidates can be found here: http://www.kincanada.ca/national-director-candidates-2018

Most important - National Accredited Delegate forms DUE BY JULY 15th to HQ: http://www.kincanada.ca/files/www/Blank_Accredited_Delegate_Form_for_2018.pdf

If no one from your club is able to attend, please give your vote to one of the District 1 members who are attending (note: this is not a full list. To make additions to it contact Russ, Carol, or Karen)

  • Debbie Flagg - Fort Erie Kinettes
  • Darryl Van Moorsel - Greater London Kinsmen
  • Karen Coutts - Walkerton Kinettes
  • Melissa Penner - Mitchell Kinettes
  • Brenda Dineen - Palmerston Kinettes
  • Darrell Cooper - Greater London Kinsmen
  • Dustyn Pumfrey - Dresden Kinsmen
  • Terri Iredale - St Marys Kinettes
  • Lori Dawn Antaya - Stevensville Kinettes
  • Marcus Antaya - Stevensville Kinsmen
  • Carol L Cooper - London Kinettes
  • Bea Crowley - London Kinettes
  • Elise Stark - London Kinettes
  • Lori Schnarr - Palmerston Kinettes
  • Paul Schnarr - Listowel Kinsmen

Thank you to our sponsors!

Karen Coutts, Heatherhill Business Solutions

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