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ANNUAL DISTRICT CONVENTION, 2016 - "Legends of the 80's TV"

May 6 - 8, 2016

Here is your one stop shop for everything SPRING CONVENTION!!! The countdown is on and the BTTF Team is looking forward to an awesome weekend!

DELEGATES CONVENTION BROCHURE: This is again, a green convention. The link below will let you access the Convention Brochure with the documents you will need for the weekend.

REGISTRATION: Please click on the link for your copy of the registration form and all information to register and book your hotel room.

RESOLUTIONS: Below is the link to the Resolutions being brought forward by the Vice Team. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Vice Governor Bill Harris 10ddgm11 [snail] gmail [period] com or Vice Governor Monika McKean mmckean [snail] rogers [period] com OR any current Deputy Governor or Executive member of the Back to the Future Team.

AGENDA: We are unable to provide a detailed agenda at this time, however below you will find a rough agenda that is subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to provide any clarification.

ACCREDITED DELEGATE FORM: It is very important that your club completes an accredited delegate form and returns it by the due date (April 29, 2016). Please ensure that you advise your accredited delegate how you wish them to vote on your behalf.

VICE GOVERNORS CANDIDATE FORUM INFO: Exciting times are upon us as an Association and as a District. This year, the first in many we have 2 teams campaigning for the election to District 1 Vice Governor(s).

· Debbie Ruffley – “Building on the Basics”

· Shane Walsh and Tanya Bettridge – “Kin in Black”

This means that they will be campaigning at your Zone Conferences, this also means that at Spring Convention May 6-8th in Fort Erie we will be hosting a Vice Governor’s Candidates forum. Friday May 6th approximately 9:30 pm.

I welcome your input, so I invite you to send your questions for the Forum to me as Moderator.

Send your questions to communications [snail] district1kin [period] ca

Yours in Kin,
Past Governor Terri Iredale
Moderator – Vice Governor Candidate Forum 2016

Thank you to our sponsors!

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