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Past District 1 Award Winners

Please be patient while we compile and format this information

Special thanks to our Past Awards Directors, Odette Houle and Monika McKean for putting together the foundation of this information outlining a history of awards winners in District One. If you can help us fill in any of the blanks, please contact the Communications Director.

Jim Sterling Memorial Costume Award

Sponsored by the former Kinsmen Club of Caledonia in memory of the late Jim Sterling.

1972-73 Kinsmen Club of Durham
1973-74 Kinsmen Club of Stoney Creek
1974-75 Kinsmen Club of Burlington
1975-76 Kinsmen Club of Tillsonburg
1976-77 Kinsmen Club of Mount Forest
1977-78 Kinsmen Club of Binbrook
1978-79 Kinsmen Club of Mount Forest
1979-80 Kinsmen Club of Mount Forest
1980-81 Kinsmen Club of Harriston
1981-82 Kinsmen Club of Fonthill
1982-83 Kinsmen Club of Mount Forest
1983-84 Kinsmen Club of Ridgeway Crystal Beach
1984-85 Kinsmen Club of Simcoe
1985-86 Kinsmen Club of Preston
1988-89 Kinsmen Club of Hamilton
1989-90 Kinsmen Club of Guelph
1991-92 Kinsmen Club of Grimsby
2000-01 Kinsmen Club of Tillsonburg
2001-02 Kinsmen Club of Goderich
2012-13 Kinette Club of Collingwood
2012-13 Kinette Club of Palmerston
2013-14 Kinette Club of Shelburne
2013-14 Kinette Club of Grimsby

Perc Dawson Golf Tournament Trophy

The Perc Dawson Challenge Trophy was donated by the Kinsmen Club of Hamilton to honour Charter Member Perc Dawson for his work in Kin in Hamilton and for the Association.

Website Award

2005-06 Kinette Club of Palmerston
2008-09 Kin Family of Oakville
2009-10 Kinsmen Club of Hamilton
2010-11 Kin Club of Woolwich
2011-12 Kinsmen Club of Hamilton
2012-13 Kinsmen Club of St. Marys
2013-14 Kinsmen Club of Fort Erie

Photography Award

Banner sponsored by the Kinsmen Club of Grimsby

2005-06 Kinsmen Club of Grimsby
2008-09 Kinette Club of Collingwood
2009-10 Barb McArthur Collingwood
2011-12 Katie McKean Collingwood
2013-14 Melissa Penner Pamerston & District

Joke Off Awards

Kinette Joke-Off

1991-92 D. Jefferson Teeswater & District
1992-93 J. Crampton Port Elgin
1993-94 Jackie Knipfel Chesley
1994-95 Darlene Weir Collingwood
1994-95 Kathy Jeffery Collingwood
2002-03 Odette Houle Flesherton
2003-04 Lea McKean Collingwood
2005-06 Janet Jay Collingwood
2006-07 Michelle Federer Collingwood
2007-08 Sandy Mitton Palmerston
2008-09 Monika McKean Collingwood
2009-10 Monika McKean Collingwood
2009-10 Michelle Federer Collingwood
2012-13 Odette Houle Shelburne
2013-14 Sandy Mitton Palmerston

Kinsmen Joke-Off

2005-06 Larry Sheard Feversham
2006-07 Dan Strugar Ridgeway-Crystal Beach
2007-08 Dave Cowan Port Dover
2008-09 Patrick Cumbo Flamborough
2009-10 Brad Rockefeller Port Dover
2012-13 Mark Stansbury Preston
2013-14 Marty Makins Hamilton

Public Relations Awards

Kinette Public Relations Award

1992-93 Drayton
1993-94 Tara & District
1994-95 Tara & District
1995-96 Flamborough & District
1996-97 Tara
1997-98 St Marys
1998-99 Durham
1999-00 Walkerton
2000-01 Walkerton
2001-02 Grimsby
2002-03 Collingwood
2003-04 Collingwood
2004-05 Collingwood
2005-06 London
2006-07 Collingwood
2007-08 Collingwood
2008-09 Collingwood
2009-10 Collingwood
2011-12 Collingwood
2012-13 Collingwood
2013-14 Collingwood

Max Westlake Public Relations Award

2005-06 Grimsby
2006-07 Greater London
2007-08 Greater London
2008-09 Greater London
2009-10 St Marys
2013-14 Grimsby

Bulletin Awards

Kinette Junior Bulletin Award

Originally sponsored by Zone A Kinettes

1984-85 Wendy McFarlan Clinton & District
1985-86 Clinton & District
1986-87 Sheila Hughes Chatham
1987-88 Louise Gabric Hamilton
1988-89 Preston
1989-90 Lori Gimbel Paisley & District
1990-91 Jane Cassidy Paisley & District
1991-92 Linda Alexander Paisley & District
1992-93 Sheila Halls Chatham
1993-94 Guelph
1995-96 Brenda Dineen Palmerston & District
1996-97 Nancy Fletcher Grimsby
1996-97 Lynda Neville Grimsby
1997-98 Wendy Charlong Hamilton
1998-99 Marni Deroche Stoney Creek
1999-00 Cheryl Paterson The Garden City
2001-02 Cindy Maxwell Simcoe
2002-03 Linda Herron Tara & District
2004-05 Carol Cooper London
2005-06 Veronica Mitchell Kitchener Waterloo
2006-07 Judy Carlson Hamilton - Stoney Creek
2007-08 Judy Carlson Hamilton - Stoney Creek
2009-10 Monika McKean Collingwood
2011-12 Katie McKean Collingwood
2012-13 Kim Dadswell Collingwood
2013-14 Kim Dadswell Collingwood

Kinette Senior Bulletin Award

1984-85 Kris Gander Preston
1985-86 St Marys
1986-87 Judy Drake Collingwood
1988-89 Beverly Haggerty Dorchester & Area
1989-90 Shelley Jeffery Goderich
1990-91 Laurie Chesney Collingwood
1991-92 Gail Cronsberry Harriston
1992-93 Nancy Riddell St Marys
1992-93 Peggy Tudor St Marys
1993-94 Maxine Van Boxmeer Collingwood
1997-98 Monika McKean Collingwood
1998-99 Betty Creaser Preston
1999-00 Laura Buchanan Preston
1999-00 June Byron Preston
2000-01 Monika McKean Collingwood
2001-02 Dar Cole Collingwood
2001-02 Barb McArthur Collingwood
2002-03 Erin Robinson Collingwood
2003-04 Lori Higdon Collingwood
2003-04 Brenda Bishop Collingwood
2004-05 Diane Johnson Waterloo Grand River
2005-06 Waterloo-Grand River
2006-07 Bonnie Parkes Collingwood
2006-07 Janet Currie Collingwood
2007-08 Kathrin Delutis Oakville
2008-09 Susan Meyers Clinton & District
2008-09 Linda Carter Clinton & District
2009-10 Deanna Norris Preston
2011-12 Clinton & District
2012-13 LM Phyllis Spearin St Marys
2013-14 Jodi McLaughlin St Thomas
2013-14 Melissa Bishop St Thomas
2013-14 Jackie Harris St Thomas

John Brooker Junior Bulletin Award

Original shields were presented by the Kinsmen Club of Fort Erie to the District Executive for annual presentation.

2000-01 Earl Smith Shelburne
2001-02 David Powell Garden City Kin
2002-03 Fred Spalding Grimsby
2003-04 Denny Pyatt Grimsby
2004-05 Denny Pyatt Grimsby
2005-06 Denny Pyatt Grimsby
2006-07 Craig Harris Monkton & District
2007-08 Stuart Klazinga Stoney Creek
2008-09 Jeff Nash Hamilton
2011-12 Marty Makins Hamilton
2012-13 Denny Pyatt Grimsby
2013-14 Ron Couch Kitchener-Waterloo

John Brooker Senior Bulletin Award

Original shields were presented by the Kinsmen Club of Fort Erie to the District Executive for annual presentation.

1975-76 Colin Hendry Simcoe
1976-77 Bill Howden Caledonia
1977-78 Ron Hunter Windsor
1977-7 8 Don Yates Windsor
1978-79 Don Spafford Windsor
1978-79 Doug Kimberty Windsor
1979-80 Beaver Valley
1980-81 Chatham
1981-82 Grand River
1982-83 Brian Butcher Preston
1983-84 Jeff Ottley Leamington
1984-85 Paul Middlemist Leamington
1985-86 Bob Stoutenburg Collingwood
1986-87 Bill Gill Collingwood
1989-90 David Enns Guelph
1992-93 Kitchener-Waterloo
1995-96 Patrick McNamara Windsor
1996-97 Clinton & District
1997-98 Listowel
1999-00 David Hicks Listowel
2000-01 Al Strathdee St. Marys
2001-02 James Mitchell Kitchener Waterloo
2002-03 David Abrams Tillsonburg
2004-05 Larry Sheard Feversham
2005-06 Scott Osborn Listowel
2005-06 Earl Cabana Listowel
2006-07 Greg Delutis Oakville
2007-08 Larry Sheard Feversham
2008-09 Larry Sheard Feversham
2009-10 Ed Wynette Preston
2012-13 LM Ron Couch Kitchener Waterloo

Quill Awards

Kinette Quill Award

1984-85 Liz Lonsberry Hanover
1986-87 Karen Stickler Woodstock
1987-88 Mary Helen Blue St Thomas
1988-89 Beverly Haggerty Dorchester & Area
1989-90 Barb Helm Lucknow & District
1990-91 Dianne Scheick Drayton
1991-92 Darcy Plummer
1992-93 Della Rooke St Marys
1993-94 Bonnie Parkinson Guelph
1994-95 Monika McKean Collingwood
1995-96 Kathy Jeffrey Collingwood
1996-97 Lynn Matthews Hamilton
1997-98 Kerry Rajotte Hamilton
1998-99 Debbie Flagg Fort Erie
1999-00 Wendy Gibson Fort Erie
2000-01 Janet Currie Collingwood
2001-02 Guylaine Whitter Garden City Kin
2002-03 Monika McKean Collingwood
2003-04 Odette Houle Flesherton
2004-05 Michelle Preibe Hanover
2005-06 Tricia Clarke Oakville
2006-07 Monika McKean Collingwood
2007-08 Tricia Clarke Oakville
2008-09 Marni DeRoche Hamilton-Stoney Creek
2009-10 Janet Currie Collingwood
2012-13 Tanya Hartung Palmerston & District
2013-14 Debbie Ruffley Fort Erie

Bill Esson Memorial Kin Quill Award

This award was first presented in 1984 by the Kinsmen Club of Sarnia in honour of Bill Esson who was a dedicated member of the Sarnia Club. Kin Bill believed in the value of a practical idea and this award is a memorial to that ideal.

1984-85 Brian Butcher Preston
1985-86 George Baukham Guelph
1986-87 Jim Fairles Mt. Forest
1987-88 Matti Isberg Guelph
1988-89 Jeff Mann Guelph
1991-92 Fred Schatz Merlin & Area
1992-93 Tim Utting Wallaceburg
1997-98 Jim Downey
1999-00 David Proudlove St. Mary's
2001-02 Bob Hughes Chatham
2002-03 Bob Hughes Chatham
2003-04 Bill Atkinson Waterloo Grand River
2004-05 Dan Strugar Ridgeway Crystal Beach
2006-07 Dan Strugar Ridgeway Crystal Beach
2007-08 Dan Strugar Ridgeway Crystal Beach
2008-09 Brent LaFramboise Kitchener Waterloo
2009-10 Don Ciuciura Cambridge North-Dumfries
2011-12 Marty Makins Hamilton
2012-13 Bruce Lloyd Fergus & District
2013-14 Stewart Ruffley Fort Erie

Public Speaking Awards

Ferne Carter Memorial Speak Off Award

Originally sponsored by the Kinette Club of St Marys

1999-00 Lori Stevens Clinton
2000-01 Tammy Kyle Tillsonburg
2001-02 Tracey Johnson-Richards Wasaga Beach
2002-03 Faith Lupia Collingwood
2005-06 Suzy Caiger Oakville
2006-07 Marni Deroche Hamilton-Stoney Creek
2007-08 Dawn Hertel Palmerston
2008-09 Elaine Couch Waterloo
2012-13 Sharlene Stafford Fort Erie
2013-14 Nikki Williams Shelburne

Gord Harbinson Public Speaking Award

Held in memory of Kinsman Gord Harbinson, a Past National President of our Association. The trophy was donated by the Kinsmen Club of Hamilton, the home of Kin Gord, in hopes that it would foster and encourage an idea put forth by Kin Gord, that the art of speech was one of God’s highest gifts to man. (Banner missing)

2005-06 Drew King Stoney Creek
2006-07 Stuart Clazinga Hamilton-Stoney Creek
2007-08 Murray Calder Mount Forest
2008-09 Chuck Stoffle Lasalle Kin
2009-10 Paul VanBeers Sarnia
2012-13 Mike Austin Goderich
2013-14 Stewart Ruffley Fort Erie

Service Awards

Spring Into Service

2005-06 Lucknow & District Kinettes

Myrtle Wilson Memorial Service Award

Originated by Delhi Kinette Club

2005-06 Kinette Club of Palmerston
2008-09 Kinette Club of London
2012-13 Kinette Club of Collingwood

George & Mildred Sinclair Service Award

1997-98 Kinsmen Club of Lucknow & District
1999-00 Kinsmen Club of Lucknow & District
2000-01 Kinsmen Club of Leaminington
2001-02 Kinsmen Club of Hensall & District
2002-03 Kinsmen Club of Greater London
2003-04 Kinsmen Club of Brantford
2004-05 Kinsmen Club of Goderich
2005-06 Kinsmen Club of Simcoe
2007-08 Kinsmen Club of Delhi
2011-12 Kinsmen Club of Mt. Forest
2012-13 Kinsmen Club of Fort Erie

Kevin Denbok Memorial Cystic Fibrosis Award

This award was presented in 1989 by the Kinsmen Club of Beaver Valley. This banner is to be presented annually in District One, in memory of KEVIN DENBOK, an honourary member of our Association who passed away on November 24, 1986 from Cystic Fibrosis. Kevin spent the last eight of his twenty-one years writing and singing songs for our Association to help create public awareness of the children afflicted with Cystic Fibrosis.

1988-89 Essex
1989-90 Essex
1990-91 Fergus & District
1993-94 Stayner & District
1994-95 Fergus & District
1998-99 Kinette Club of London
1999-00 Kinette Club of Collingwood
2000-01 Kinette Club of Meaford
2001-02 Kinsmen & Kinette Clubs of Preston
2002-03 Kinsmen Club of Listowel
2003-04 Kinette Club of Collingwood
2004-05 Kin Club of West Lincoln
2005-06 Kinette Club of Palmerston & District
2007-08 Kinette Club of Collingwood
2008-09 Kinette Club of Collingwood
2012-13 Kinette Club of Collingwood

Michael McBeath Memorial Award

Sponsored by the Kinsmen Club of Fergus October 14, 1998.

1999-00 Carol Cooper London
2000-01 Brad Parkes Collingwood
2001-02 Dave Hart Greater London
2002-03 Greg Delutis Oakville
2003-04 Angela Cullen Clinton & District
2004-05 Brad Rockefeller Port Dover
2005-06 Tanya Bettridge Palmerston & District
2006-07 Darrel Cooper Greater London
2008-09 Chris Kurz Listowel
2009-10 Dave Crowley Greater London
2011-12 Bruce Lloyd Fergus & District
2012-13 Brenda Dineen Palmerston & District

Challenge for a Cure Award

This award was created by then District Service Directors Rob and Odette Houle to encourage all zones to donate more money so that a cure will be found sooner. Banner donated by the Kinsmen Club of Windsor, 2004-05.

2005-06 Zone K
2006-07 Zone K
2007-08 Zone B
2010-11 Zone B

Sixty Five Roses Award

This award was created by then District Service Directors Rob and Odette Houle to encourage all clubs to achieve the highest donations possible so that a cure will be found sooner. Banner donated by: The Kinette Club of Collingwood 2004-05.

2006-07 Kinsmen Club of Fergus
2013-14 Kinsmen Club of Port Dover

Dave Russell Memorial Individual Service Award

Sponsored by Past Coordinator Liz Russell in memory of her late husband. Wooden plaque donated by Past Coordinator Liz.

2008-09 Cheryl Brydges London

Membership Awards

Phil & Vicki Scalisi Membership Trophy

2005-06 Wanda Dobben Drayton Kinettes
2005-06 Randy Weber Walkerton Kinsmen
2006-07 Alana Graham Goderich Kinettes
2007-08 Bob Christie LaSalle Kinsmen
2011-12 Bill Findley Chatham Kinsmen
2011-12 Chris Kurz Listowel Kinsmen
2011-12 Bill Watson Listowel Kinsmen
2012-13 Larry Sheard Flesherton Kinsmen

John Hughes Peckitt Memorial Trophy

The Chatham, Ontario club donated this trophy in honour of one of its most beloved and respected members, John Peckitt, (whose untimely and sudden death in June of 1956 came as a great shock to all of his many friends across the association). John, who was the District Expansion Chairman at the time, spent countless hours in his quest to see our Association grow, and it is to his memory that this award was dedicated.

1972-73 Kinsmen Club of St. Thomas
1973-74 Kinsmen Club of Ridgeway Crystal Beach
1974-75 Kinsmen Club of St. Catharines, Zone D
1975-76 Kinsmen Club of Brantford
1976-77 Kinsmen Club of Tillsonburg
1977-78 Kinsmen Club of Kitchener – Waterloo
1978-79 Kinsmen Club of Wardsville
1979-80 Kinsmen Club of Listowel
1980-81 Kinsmen Club of Grand River
1981-82 Kinsmen Club of Tilbury
1982-83 Kinsmen Club of Kincardine
1983-84 Kinsmen Club of Flamborough & District
1984-85 Kinsmen Club of Guelph
1985-86 Kinsmen Club of Wiarton
1986-87 Kinsmen Club of Owen Sound
1987-88 Kinsmen Club of Listowel
1987-88 Tara & Dist
1988-89 Lucknow
1989-90 Kincardine
1991-92 Glen Morris, 3 to 16
1992-93 Leamington
1993-94 Somewhere
1994-95 Flesherton
1995-96 Somewhere
1996-97 Shelburne
1997-98 Clinton
1998-99 Lucknow
1999-00 Goderich
2000-01 Stratford
2001-02 Dresden
2002-03 Merlin & Area
2006-07 Kinsmen Club of Beaver Valley
2006-07 Kinette Club of Goderich
2007-08 Port Dover
2009-10 St. Mary’s
2013-14 Tillsonburg

Jay Dunn Memorial Shield

1974-75 Galt
1974-75 Leamington
1974-75 St Mary’s
1974-75 Simcoe
1974-75 Collingwood
1975-76 Preston
1975-76 St Mary’s
1975-76 Sarnia
1975-76 Leamington
1976-77 Harriston
1976-77 Grimsby
1976-77 Caledonia
1976-77 St Mary’s
1976-77 Essex
1977-78 Paisley
1977-78 St Mary’s
1977-78 Sarnia
1978-79 Chatham
1978-79 Preston
1978-79 Fort Erie
1978-79 Windsor
1979-80 St Mary’s
1979-80 Windsor
1980-81 Preston
1980-81 St Mary’s
1981-82 Paisley
1981-82 Simcoe
1982-83 Hamilton
1982-83 Sarnia
1982-83 Preston
1982-83 Leamington
1983-84 Preston
1983-84 Leamington
1984-85 Guelph
1984-85 Preston
1985-86 Shelburne
1986-87 Shelburne
1987-88 Sarnia
1987-88 Guelph
1987-88 Preston
1987-88 St Marys
1988-89 St Mary’s
1988-89 Guelph
1989-90 Leamington
1991-92 Preston
1992-93 Chatham
1992-93 Preston
1994-95 Kitchener Waterloo
1997-98 Fergus
1998-99 Preston
1999-00 Sarnia
2001-02 Oakville
2001-02 Goderich
2006-07 Grimsby
2009-10 Shelburne
2013-14 Hamilton

Jay Dunn Improvement Award

(Banner missing)

Kin of the Year Awards

Kinsman Outstanding Deputy Governor (Outstanding Zone)

Paul Sinclair Zone J
1989-90 Jack Greydanus Zone B
1991-92 Tom Bumstead Zone C
1993-94 Wes Chambers Zone K
1994-95 Richard Paquette Zone H
1996-97 Patrick McNamara Zone H
1997-98 Tom Reimer Zone H
1998-99 Dave ‘Doc’ Lindsay
1999-00 Andy Lamers Zone F
2000-01 Tony Rajotte Zone A
2000-01 Glenn Dobben Zone B
2001-02 Corky Corcoran Zone K
2002-03 Earl Cabana Zone B
2003-04 Greg Delutis Zone A
2004-05 Dan Strugar Zone D
2005-06 Earl Cabana Zone B
2006-07 Rob Houle Zone C
2007-08 Marty Makins Zone A
2008-09 Marty Makins Zone A
2008-09 Dan Strugar Zone D
2009-10 Scott Syrie Zone G
2012-13 Shane Walsh Zone D

Kinette Outstanding Deputy Governor (Outstanding Zone)

Originally sponsored by the Kinette Club of Durham

1999-00 Terri Finnie Zone K
2000-01 Annette Beitz Zone C
2002-03 Janet Currie Zone C
2003-04 Susan Godin Zone J
2004-05 Monika McKean Zone C
2005-06 Terri Touzel Zone K
2006-07 Nancy Hallas Zone A
2007-08 Marni DeRoche Zone A
2008-09 Brenda Dineen Zone B
2009-10 Tina Wolterbeek Zone K
2010-11 Karen Coutts Zone J
2011-12 Karen Coutts Zone J
2012-13 Lisa Burechails Zone C

Kinsmen Rookie of the Year

Sponsored by the Kinsmen Club of Collingwood

1993-94 Dafydd Bohn Preston
1994-95 Mohamad Chouaib Flamborough & Dist.
1996-97 Jamie Riley Preston
1999-00 Casey Hrycajczuk Sarnia
1999-00 Gary Salisbury Tilbury
2000-01 Henry Zwambag Preston
2001-02 Steve Turner Chatham
2002-03 Greg Wehrle Preston
2003-04 Bill Atkinson Waterloo Grand River
2008-09 Jeff Nash Hamilton
2013-14 Robert Francis Chatham

Kinette Rookie of the Year

Originally sponsored by the Kinette Club of Burlington. New banner sponsored by Kinette Club of London, 2007

2008-09 Bea Crowley London
2009-10 Carly Wilks Preston
2013-14 Terry Baldwin St. Thomas

Kinsman of the Year

1969-70 Ron Edwards Leamington
1970-71 Harry Stuart Exeter
1971-72 Ken Gore Kitchener
1972-73 Gene Hinz St. Thomas
1973-74 Jim Jensen Leamington
1974-75 Gerry Cox London
1975-76 Luce Cools Chatham
1976-77 Byron Pepper Chatham
1977-78 Al Hamill Harrow
1978-79 Bob Armstrong Windsor
1980-81 Doug Myles Port Elgin
1981-82 Ron Heibein Guelph
1981-82 Keith Kaiser Dorchester
1982-83 Sheldon Parsons Wallaceburg
1982-83 Dave Johnston Sarnia
1983-84 Paul Germuska Dorchester & Area
1984-85 George Bulmer Flamborough & District
1987-88 Mike Dupuis Walkerton
1988-89 Dave Trelford Tara & District
1988-89 Jerry Neville Grimsby
1989-90 Brian Burchatzki Kitchener – Waterloo
1991-92 Cris Capes Sarnia
1992-93 Mike Konc Dresden
1994-95 Lou D’Allesandro Kitchener – Waterloo
1996-97 Matt Langendoen Clinton & District
1999-00 Bill Young Monkton
2000-01 Wayne Clements KW Kinsmen
2001-02 Shawn Haskell Chatham
2002-03 Henry Zwambag Preston
?? Dave Faller Kitchener Waterloo
2007-08 Gord Gark Sarnia
2008-09 Dwayne Loughlean Cambridge (Preston)
2009-10 Dave Crowley Greater London
2013-14 Tom Chivers Chatham

Kinette of the Year Award

Donated by Heather and Gary Kitchen, Hamilton

2006-07 Melissa Suggitt Preston
2008-09 Barb McArthur Collingwood
2013-14 Kayla Houle Flesherton & District

Thank you to our sponsors!

Karen Coutts, Heatherhill Business Solutions

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