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Russ Jackman

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What can you say about Russ Jackman?
(Seriously ... let me know. I hate writing these things!)

I’ve been a member of the Kinsmen Club of St. Thomas since 1990, transferring for a short period of time to the Kinsmen Club of Hamilton when work commitments took me into that region.

Kin experience includes most club offices including four terms as President, Zone F Deputy Governor, a member of the District Executive as Kinship One editor four times, District Webmaster many years running,serving on the National Board of Directors for three years as the first Association Director (now called National Director) from District One, and most recently District Treasurer. On June 14, 2014, I was honoured with a Life Membership by the St. Thomas Kinsmen.

One of my passions in Kin is personal and leadership development (PLD). Over the years, Kin has provided a learning environment that cannot be measured in dollars and cents … the training and experiences show themselves every day in my work life.

As an organization, Kin can do so much more to enhance leadership development of its members. But PLD is a two-way street; as a member, you have to want it. Simply having tools available does not impart the benefits of those tools and resources.

Professionally, I am a freelance web designer / developer and owner of Woodwell Products. Originally from Toronto, I moved to St. Thomas in 1990.

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