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Monika McKean

Co-Ordinator / Awards / Risk Management

(Warning: contains some humor and a bit of pertinent

Born in East York Township (I think that’s Toronto) on the very last day of 1961 (December 31st to be exact) Monika started life wanting to get the most out of it and obviously not wanting to waste a day of 1962! The eldest of two children, her only brother was born less that one year later in London. (Our family was a little warped; there are films of me repeatedly trying to drown him in his baby bath. Yup, they kept filming and pulling him out of the water and I kept pushing him under.) But the family was not to rest. 1963 saw them move to Wasaga Beach with a further move in 1969 into Collingwood where they have resided since.

Monika had a rather uneventful youth that was interrupted by two somewhat life altering events. The first occurred when she was 10 years old and her loving younger brother pitched a horseshoe that split Monika’s head open (perhaps to get even for the drowning attempts??). Research has deduced that this incident caused Monika’s love of Kin Kamp and the horseshoe tournament held there. Secondly, on recommendation by her grade seven French teacher, Monika spent one month in Quebec with French students from all across Canada, learning the culture and making friends from across the nation. It is believed that it was this trip that inspired Monika’s social abilities and her desire to meet people (in the wee hours of the morning in hospitality rooms everywhere!!!!).

This social desire was fulfilled when she met her former husband in 1979. A Kinsman at the time, he was also keen to pursue social events and get Monika involved in Kin. Since they weren’t married, Monika was unable to officially join Kinettes and so, was elected as an honourary Kinette for four years (and official bar chair the entire time, see a trend?) until she decided to co-habitate. Then, Monika became a fully-fledged, dues paying Kinette. (Some moral dilemma that was).

During Monika’s initial club presidency (and that was so long ago….ummmm 1988), the Kinette Club of Collingwood gained 14 new members. Then, the bug to serve outside of the club bit. Monika has held all zone and most District Officer positions since her first office of CF / Service Director in 1992/93, including Governor in '99/'00. She has also held all offices in her home club, and is a past chair of the National Awards and Recognition Committee.

Monika works full time for Goodall / Eriks Industrial Services as shipping co-ordinator / payroll / benefits. She is the proud mother of your current Governor Katie and is also patient Grandma to Roxie and Lexie, two miniature dachshunds, who keep her evenings and weekends full!!

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