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Carol VanRooy

Past Governor

I am super stoked to be working with such a dynamic team and it is my pleasure to serve as your Vice Governor for the 2022-2023 Kin year.

I joined the Elgin-St.Thomas Kinettes in February 2015 and previously held the position of Bulletin Editor (2015-2016), District1 Communications Director (the later part of 2017-2018) & 2018-2019 and Deputy Governor of Zone F 2019-2020 & 2020-2021. I have additionally worked and assisted with some major projects and fundraisers - my utmost favorite being the “Harry Potter” themed Zone F Spring Zone Conference.

As a competitive “awards junkie”, in my short Kin career, I have been honoured to receive:

Photography Award (2014-2015)
Zone F Kinette Joke Off (2016)
Zone F Junior Bulletin (2015-2016)
Website Award (2015-2016) and
District Bulletin Award (2015-2016)
Maple Leaf Award of Distinction (2016)
Diane Rogers Kin Pride Award (x3)
Governor Recognition Award (2020)
Outstanding Zone Award (2020-2021)

I have attended numerous Zone, Fall Leadership, DLS and Spring Conventions and LOVE a great costume party.

Personally, I have an older teenage son (Dalton-23), a 26 year old daughter (Dakota) and an amazing boyfriend Life Member Russ Jackman.

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