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Posted Sunday, September 23, 2018

A first-timers perspective on National Convention 2018!

I loved every minute of it! It was especially nice to have in District 1, way to go Sarnia.

The best time is meeting new friends from all across Canada. No Club, Zone or District is the same. Like no one in the Association is the same.

I did not go on the cruise but I dined with a lovely group from District 8. The service day was exciting, as I learned more about the foodbank and the associates that work together. Makes the less fortunate feel more to the community than in some other places. I am glad l was not a the water front cleanup because it started pouring on them. During the meetings l tried to sit with different groups. Learn and dine with excellent, with the guests speaker that we had were fabulous. I must say, I am glad l was not a judge for the speaking competition. Congratulations to all the speakers! I learned so much from every speech and I could resonate with all of them. The Galas were fantastic!

I had a Kinsman telling me what he did with his first National Convention by thanking pictures of him and others to remember it by. So Friday night I walked around taking selfies of every person I talked to. Someone thought I was drunk, no. I had one drink all night and had so much fun. This is just a part of my time. If you have never been to a National Convention, l urge you save your money and go. I would also like to thank my home club for sending me. The Mitchell & District Kinettes, you ladies rock.

Yours In Kin,
Melissa Penner

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