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Jenn Searson

Zone B Deputy Governor

My Kin journey started in 2006 with my joining the Kinette Club of Palmerston & District. Back then, I was a quiet, shy introvert who wanted nothing to do with Fine session, dealing with the general public, let alone stand up to propose an idea for the club. Thanks to the wonderful gals that make up that club, I conquered those obstacles and literally forced me to face my fears. It was facing those fears that forced me out of my comfort zones and it has become my personal mission to keep striving forward to be the girl I never thought I'd become. I'm proud to bring my growth and experiences to my current club, The Kinette Club of Lucknow and District.

Thank you for letting me continue my personal growth by voting me in as your 1 year Deputy Governor. I'm looking forward to coming out to your meetings and events, and being an extra set of hands when you need it. I can't wait to brag about what your club has accomplished to the rest of the association, and I hope you will all use me as a link to other clubs in our zone. Every club has stellar ideas, and I'm willing to bet that other clubs will benefit from them in their own communities.

Outside of Kin, I enjoy a multitude of activities including crocheting/knitting, gardening, camping and hanging out with friends in and outside of Kin. I am a Stay at Home Mom to two boys, Chris (5) and Joey (4), married to Lucknow Kinsmen Rob Searson. We make our home in the quiet town of Point Clark, which boasts one of the first “Imperial Tower” Lighthouse to flash its light.

Yours in Kin,

Jenn Searson

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