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Colleen Wake

Zone F Kinette Deputy Governor

I guess Iím what some would call a ďseasonedĒ member. I started in Kin in District 6 as a member of the Renfrew Kinette Club in 1995 and have been a member of the Kinette Club of London since 2000. I originally joined Kin because I lived 6 hours away from everyone and everything I knew while my first husband was stationed at CFB Petawawa and was deployed on several peacekeeping missions. I needed something to fill my time and one of my older brothers had been a Kinsman for many years. The reasons I stay in Kin are varied; service work makes me happy, being able to mentor and show others the benefits of Kin, and most importantly the strong friendships that Kin has given me.
I have held all club positions except for treasurer. This will be my third time as Deputy Governor in D1. I was Governor of D1 in 2011-12 and won the Outstanding District award at national convention along with my Governor partner, Life Member Dan Strugar. I served one term as National Director and gained a lot of valuable experience from that as well.
I strongly believe in the awards and recognition program that Kin offers and have seen, first hand, the fire it can light in a kin memberís heart. I have earned my Maple Leaf, Outstanding Maple Leaf (yes they used to be two separate awards), Founderís Award of Excellence, GEM, District Speak Off twice, National Speak Off, Outstanding District, and club awards of Kinette of the Year and Presidentís award.
In my life outside of Kin, I have two children, Alex and Collin. Alex is 20 and is currently away at basic training before moving on to his posting as an Electrical Technician with the Canadian Navy (likely in BC). Collin is 13 and graduating from grade 8 this year before moving on to H.B.Beal in the fall. As I said before, I spent a bunch of time (10 years) in the Ottawa Valley and am back home in East London.
I work at General Motors Cami Assembly plant in Ingersoll and have been there for the last 12 years. Before that I did telephone tech support for Hewlett-Packard, did advertising and a bunch of other stuff for a local computer company and before all of that, in the Ottawa Valley, I was the front office manager for a hotel. I am very involved in several things outside of kin; the union at my workplace, the broader labour movement, and politics.
I have been to Kin camp, though my work schedule hasnít allowed me to go in many years. I love the learning atmosphere of FLC and the business and fellowship at Spring Convention and my favorite part of all of these events is seeing friends that I havenít seen in a long time. I believe you learn just as much from the social time, staying up til the wee hours of the morning, solving all the problems of the Kin world.
Iím looking forward to this term as DG to mentor and help where I am needed or asked, and to try to improve the connection between clubs, zone, district and national. Some of the best resources and assets we have are other members, newer and seasoned.
Colleen Wake
Kinette Club of London

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