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District One 2015-016: Back to the Future
Kin Crest

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Vice Governors

My how time has flown!

We cannot believe that it's already mid January and we are working on the last half of the Kin year.

We have had a wonderful experience thus far being a part of the BTTF team, and are looking forward to Mid-Term meeting and Zone Conferences before we hit Fort Erie for the Annual District Convention.

With that being said, one of our tasks as Vice Governors is to review the house rules and bring forward any suggestions for change, otherwise known as "RESOLUTIONS" ..

We carefully went through every part and parcel and do have a number that will be coming to the floor. The majority are primarily house keeping while others will be cause for thought. We are attaching them here for you to review and hope that you feel comfortable approaching us with any clarifications and questions you may need.

*Resolutions to Annual General Meeting 2016

Please do know that we will be spending extensive time with all of the current BTTF Deputy Governors and Executive members at Mid Term Meeting January 29th - 31st and they will be prepared to answer your questions as well after that time. They will also be presented at your Zone Conferences.

We would like to publicly extend our thanks to Rule of Order Chair Colleen Wake for the time and attention she gave our resolutions so that they were all approved prior to coming to the floor. Not a simple task, and we are grateful.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Zone Conference Trail ...

Thank you to our sponsors!

Kim Dadswell, Dadswell Denture Clinic Sydney Touzel, Arbonne

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