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Club Support Director


2018-2019 Club Support Director report

Membership decline is largest issue facing our clubs. This is not a new issue. Some clubs have conflict issues, some clubs have issues with cliques, other clubs have generation issues preventing the integration of newer younger members. The common mistake most clubs make is lack of a plan to grow and or maintain their membership. If it isn’t something that is planned for is most likely won't happen. Clubs need to take a proactive approach to the club’s membership plans for the several years. Our association is proof positive that “failing to plan means planning to fail”. We continually add new members each year and yet at the end of each year our membership is lower and lower. Why because we DO NOT make membership growth a priority.

Membership planning is the most important part of any successful club, more important than budgeting or any other event planning that clubs should do on a yearly basis. A club’s membership plan determines the club’s ability to host and run volunteer events. Membership needs determine club expense requirements for dues, membership development programs, membership engagement activities and all other aspects of running a successful club.

Why is this aspect of our club’s health so often overlooked?

You tell me!

lumberjackpet [snail] bellnet [period] ca

2017-2018 Club Support Director report

What’s new you ask?
A new name and a clearer job description. The District Membership director is now known as the Club Support director.
The job of the District Club Support director is to provide support for the District clubs in creating a healthy environment, club cohesion, club strength, membership development and retention, recruitment process, helping to set goals, work with the struggling clubs, provide education and resources and support the formation of new clubs, the health of all clubs and members. Assists in creating a strong membership base for the Association and continuing the growth and commitment to Kin Canada.
What tools do we have to offer you as an individual member and your club as a member of the association?
Club Health Assessment
At the club level we are working at enrolling clubs to participate in the Club Health Assessment Tool. This is an incredible tool available to clubs to ask their membership how they feel the club is operating as a whole across a broad range of criteria such as service, member development and many other areas.
Download this file

At the personal level Kin Canada has been developing the mentorship program to help partner willing new members within the association with skilled and experienced members from outside the club, zone or even district.
Kin Canada Mentoring Program
Why join the program?
Kin Canada Mentoring Program is here to help every member, new and seasoned to achieve their goals by building relationships, setting goals, improving professionally and personally and learning from those in the Association with a wealth of knowledge about Kin.
Mentors Apply here
Download this file

Mentees Apply here
Download this file


Is it Bullying?

We're becoming much more aware of the issue of bullying in our clubs. But sometimes we wonder - is that really the right term? This is a great article that lays out the differences between being rude, being mean, and being a bully.

Here's the article. Note that this link will take you out of the D1 site

The "Cole's Notes" definitions are:
Rude = Inadvertently saying or doing something that hurts someone else
Mean = Purposefully saying or doing something to hurt someone once (or maybe twice)
Bullying = Intentionally aggressive behavior, repeated over time, that involves an imbalance of power

As always, there are great resources and supports available to help...regardless of which term fits your situation. Don't hesitate to reach out!

November Membership Stats

2016-11DMDInfographic3.jpg: 1224x1450, 186k (December 08, 2016, at 08:45 PM)

What does a Club Membership Director (CMD) actually DO?

Contrary to popular opinion, the CMD is not the person in the club solely responsible for membership.

A full job description can be found in the Successful Club Manual (find it in the Resource Library on the National website). But to simplify it a bit - Membership is best thought of as a club project, where every member is on the committee, and the CMD is the chair. The CMD monitors the health of the club as a whole, and leads the rest of the members in taking action to improve that health. What this action looks like is different in every club - it depends on what your club's strengths and weaknesses are, and what your goals are...where your priorities lie (service work, fellowship, large-scale fundraising, personal/member development, etc.). There are plenty of resources to help you along your way - I'm one of them! And I can connect you to lots more.

Don't hesitate to contact me for a chat about what's going on, even if it doesn't seem like much right now. It's a lot better to address something that's a bit annoying now, than to deal with it down the road when it's become a crisis and your club is on the verge of folding.

I'm available by phone, email, Facebook, and Skype, as well as for in person visits if needed.

Yours in Kin,

2015-16 Back to the Future Membership Report (Melissa Whetham)

Spring Convention Update
Greetings Fellow Kin!
Welcome to Spring Convention 2016 – Legends of ‘80’s TV!
Spring Convention seems to represent the start of the changing of the guard, so to speak….but the current Kin year is far from over. As I had hoped when my page was last updated, we are definitely seeing a upward swing in new member/returning member installations. As of April 30th, the Membership Stats indicate that we have welcomed a total of 115 new members and 25 returning members in District 1. That is almost double what the stats told us in December, and we are thrilled with that.
I would like to take the opportunity to welcome all the new members that have been installed in the past few months:

Zone A
Ken Mills – Ancaster Kin Club
Kenneth Hostler – Cambridge (Preston) Kinsmen
Lori Molloy – Kitchener-Waterloo Kinettes
Kristen Chiasson – Kitchener-Waterloo Kinettes
Kate Pease – Kitchener-Waterloo Kinettes
Melody Ross – Kitchener-Waterloo Kinettes
Zone B
Kevin Vanloo – Drayton Kinsmen
Jon Soltys – Listowel Kinsmen
Luke Johnson – Listowel Kinsmen
Dave Wishart – Drayton Kinsmen
Scott Cousins – Fergus & District Kinsmen
Derril Hoover – Harriston Kinsmen
Zone C
Shawn Dawson – Stayner & District Kinsmen
Autum Levenick – Collingwood Kinettes
Carole Kneeshaw – Collingwood Kinettes
Chris Parrish – Stayner & District Kinsmen
Zone D
John Vandeerlee – Niagara on the Lake Kinsmen
Barb Clark – Fort Erie Kinettes
Barb Horning – Ridgeway Crystal Beach Kin
Wendy Anderson – Ridgeway Crystal Beach Kin
Sharon Caughell – Stevensville Kinettes
Andre Tjepkema – Caledonia Kin
Brett Parry – Ridgeway Crystal Beach
Ann Marie Marlin – Ridgeway Crystal Beach
Larry Yochim – Fonthill & District Kinsmen
Wayne Daudelin – Stevensville Kinsmen
Ron Nichols – Stevensville Kinsmen
Marcus Antaya – Stevensville Kinsmen
Wendy Dyck – Fonthill & District Kinettes
Zone F
Brian Heeney – Tillsonburg Kinsmen
Chris Guyatt – Simcoe Kinsmen
Terry Butler – Simcoe Kinsmen
Richard Wills – Simcoe Kinsmen
Scott Smit – Tillsonburg Kinsmen
Clayton Robinson – Tillsonburg Kinsmen
May Murton –London Kinettes
Zone G
Ace Concordia – Sarnia Kinsmen
Linda Epp – Sarnia Kinsmen
Mary Killins – Sarnia Kinsmen
Holly Lough – Sarnia Kinsmen

Zone J
Travis Tibbo – Chesley Kinsmen
Josh Stade – Chesley Kinsmen
David Schembri – Walkerton Kinsmen
Ben Dupuis – Walkerton Kinsmen
Sue Eason – Walkerton Kinettes
Rob Hatten – Chesley Kinsmen
Marcia Gowland – Walkerton Kinettes

Zone K
Jeremy Clark –Stratford Kinsmen
Harold Timson – Stratford Kinsmen
Barry France – Stratford Kinsmen
Amanda Reynolds – Clinton & District Kinettes
Sarah Denomme – Clinton & District Kinettes
Rachel Dale – Clinton & District Kinettes
Ben Amott – Clinton & District Kinsmen

Celebrations aside, we do need to recognize the negative side of the statistics that we are seeing – the non-returning members. Unfortunately, we have lost a total of 225 members in District 1 since June 30, 2015. As successful as we are with recruiting, we are not seeing the same successes with retention. There are a number of reasons behind this, I believe, and we need to keep working to find a solution. The issues that people have mentioned range from politics to personality clashes to bullying to lack of commitment/time, and that is just obvious ones. I have been working with a few clubs, to help them improve their retention, and we are seeing some positive results from that. That said, the biggest issue that we have run into over the past several years, is that the clubs in our District seem to be hesitant to ask for help until things are at a breaking point. With more than 90 Kinsmen/Kinette/Kin Clubs in District 1, the District teams relies on communication from the clubs and Deputy Governors to know that there are issues or challenges within a club. Don’t wait for assistance to find its way to you…don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. The District team is available to provide your club with mediation, guidance, education and mentorship.

I encourage you to keep your focus on moving forward, and helping our District work towards positive overall membership statistics. And don’t forget that myself and the rest of the Back to the Future District Team are still ready and willing to assist your club in anyway. As mentioned, our time serving you is far from over.

Yours in Kin,
Melissa Whetham


Midterm Update

Wow….halfway through the year already! Where has the time gone? I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and that you have come back ready and raring to have a great second half of the year!

Looking at the December 2015 Membership Statistics, things are really starting to pick up in District 1. The clubs in District 1 have installed 62 new members since the start of the Kin Year – which is awesome! We would like to welcome the following new members to Kin:

Zone A
Rick Witczak – Hamilton Kinsmen
Chris Moore – Brantford Kinsmen
Robert Tamilia – Brantford Kinsmen
David Jarvis – Oakville Kinsmen
Dermot Clancy – Oakville Kinsmen
Warren Low Kum – Oakville Kinsmen
Dianne Keenan – Kitchener-Waterloo Kinettes

Zone B
Joe Carter – Lucknow & District Kinsmen
Tim Walden – Belgrave Kinsmen

Zone D
Stephanie McKeown – Grimsby Kinettes

Zone F
Doug Waite – Aylmer Kinsmen
Bailey Cornell –Tillsonburg KInsmen
Brandon Rohrer – Tillsonburg Kinsmen
Michael Nguyun – Tillsonburg Kinsmen
Matthew Esseltine – Tillsonburg Kinsmen
Al Swan – Greater London Kinsmen
Dave Jeffries – Greater London Kinsmen
Mark Girdauskas - St. Thomas Kinsmen
Sandi McDougall – London Kinettes

Zone G
Bill Johnston – Chatham Kinsmen
Ryan Flynn – Chatham Kinsmen
Kyle Rankin – Chatham Kinsmen
Kyle Charlton – Chatham Kinsmen
Chad Christie – Chatham Kinsmen

Zone H
Cody Charette – Harrow Kinsmen

Zone J
Mike Love – Chesley Kinsmen
Richard Ash – Chesley Kinsmen
Amy Linn – Walkerton Kinettes
Selena Cassidy – Walkerton Kinettes
Tina Seegmiller – Chesley Kinettes

Zone K
Ron Smith – Goderich Kinsmen
Pamela Lansbergen – Hensall & District Kinettes
Jenna Lewis - Hensall & District Kinettes
Karen Zehetner - Hensall & District Kinettes
Nancy Hogan - Hensall & District Kinettes
Lisa Hanlon - Hensall & District Kinettes
Charlene Foxton - Hensall & District Kinettes
Becky Case - Hensall & District Kinettes
Lindsay Anderson - Hensall & District Kinettes
Michelle Liebold – St. Marys Kinettes
Ryan Reynolds – Clinton & District Kinsmen
Braden Bosman – Clinton & District Kinsmen
Sherry Alcock – Goderich Kinettes
Christy Alcock – Goderich Kinettes
Amanda Collins – Goderich Kinettes
Sue Laughlin – Goderich Kinettes
Tara Wright – Goderich Kinettes

This list above is just the members that are new to Kin. We would also like to welcome back the 11 members who have made the decision to return to Kin. From what we have been hearing, I expect that we will be adding a great deal more names to the list above, in the coming months.


Fall 2015

September is upon us, and that means that Kin is back in session for the year....Welcome Back Fellow Kin!!! The Back to the Future team is more than ready to get things underway. We have been working very hard over the summer to get things ready to go.

This year's Membership focus is Retention. The fact of the matter is....we are good at recruiting members. In the last Kin Year, we brought in 220 new and returning members. But we lost 248 members....which leaves us at a -28 members for the year. We want to focus on what we can do, as a District, to keep the members that we already have...which in turn will help us to bring in even more new members. The end result will be healthier clubs!

Last year's team put together a document with information on how all of the clubs in the District were doing - based on Membership statistics and information from current and past Deputy Governors...which is a great start.

We are looking to expand on that list, by collecting feedback from the club members. Watch for a survey to come to your club - both through the District mailing and in electronic format through an email from National Headquarters. Please take the time to complete the survey, so that we can compile the information in time for FLC. I will also post the Survey Monkey link on this page, once it is available.

As I write this, we are just wrapping up and fantastic Kin weekend, that included a very informative Successful Kin Seminar. As promised, here is the Membership presentation that was used for the Membership breakout session that day:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend the SKS Seminar....it was great to see so many new and familiar faces!

Please feel free to contact me for any Membership needs that you and/or your club may have. I look forward to working with you all over the next year!

Yours in Kin,

Thank you to our sponsors!

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