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District One Kin 2017-18: Building on the Basics
Kin Crest

District One Awards


The updated 2017 - 18 Awards brochure is complete and can be found at the link below. Please note the changes in format and especially the highlighted changes for the Speakers Award, so that everyone is working on the correct criteria. Also found below are each individual District Award along with the marking scheme / affidavit. Please ensure that you follow ALL rules and regulations for submission or competition if you wish to be in the running for an award. If you have any questions, just let me know.

District One Awards Brochure 2017-2018

Master List of Awards and Due dates

Awards Due 30 Days Prior to Spring Convention, for presentation at Spring Convention

M Wilson / G&M Sinclair Service Award (Joint)

District One Quill Award (Joint)

Ferne Carter / Gord Harbinson Public Speaking Award (Joint)

District One Outstanding Zone Awards

District One Bulletin Awards

District One Public Relations Awards

District One Website Award (Joint)

Jim Sterling Costume Award (Joint)

Phil and Vicki Scalisi Membership Award (Joint)

Kevin Denbok Memorial Cystic Fibrosis Award (Joint)

Michael McBeath Award (Joint)

Dave Russell Memorial Individual Service Award (Joint)

Award submissions due June 30th, presented at Fall Leadership Conference

Kinsmen and Kinette Rookie of the Year Awards

Kinsmen and Kinette of the Year Awards

District One Photography Award (Joint)

Jay Dunn Memorial Award (Kinsmen & Kin)

Jay Dunn Improvement Award (Kinsmen & Kin)

John Hughes Peckitt Memorial Award (Joint)

Perc Dawson Golf Award (Joint)

Challenge for a Cure Award (Zone)

Sixty Five Roses Award (Club)


Please find the National Awards and Recognition Brochure below. This is your guide to all of the personal and club awards and recognition available through National.

I would encourage you personally and your clubs to review the awards and find out what will work best for the growth and recognition of your members. Again, if you have any questions, just seek me out.

National Awards and Recognition Brochure 2017 - 2018

For Personal Growth and Development, I encourage you all to download and complete the Kin Excellence Programme.


Kin Excellence Programme 2017 - 2018

CONGRATS to National Award Winners
It was truly my pleasure to attend National Convention in Halifax this August and be made aware of all of the winners of National Awards.

I cannot wait to share those names and clubs with you .... at Fall Leadership Conference. We will celebrate together then!!

I look forward to working with all of you to attain your personal and club awards this year. Should you need any direction or information OR assistance in preparing a submission, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I hope you are enjoying your summer, see you at Club Leadership Seminar in Listowel on September 30th!

CONGRATS to our recent winners at Spring Convention:

Kinette Junior Bulletin Award – Grimsby Kinettes
Kinette Senior Bulletin Award – St. Mary’s Kinettes

Kinsmen Senior Bulletin Award – Clinton Kinsmen

Quill Award Winner – Tim Natyshak, Tilbury Kinsmen Club
Quill Award Runner Up – Brent Laframboise, Kinsmen Club of Kitchener Waterloo

Fern Carter / Gord Harbinson Public Speaking Award Winner – Jesse Williamson, Flamborough Kin Club
Fern Carter / Gord Harbinson Public Speaking Award Runner Up – Bill Roskar, Stayner Kinsmen

Phil and Vicki Scalisi Membership Award – Shane Walsh, Kin Family Club of Ancaster

M. Wilson /G & M Sinclair Service Award Winner - Sarnia Kinsmen
M. Wilson /G & M Sinclair Service Runner Up – Tilbury Kinsmen

Kinette Public Relations Award - Collingwood Kinettes
Max Westlake Public Relations Award - Grimsby Kinsmen

Jim Sterling Memorial Costume Award - Kin Clubs of St. Thomas

Joke Off – Francine Burt, Shelburne Kinettes and Marcus Antaya, Stevensville Kinsmen

Kinette Outstanding Zone Award – Francine Burt, Shelburne Kinettes, Zone C Deputy Governor

Kinsmen Outstanding Zone Award – Scott Tapley, Stayner Kinsmen, Zone C Deputy Governor

Congrats to all of our winners and best of luck to our Kin members that are participating at National Convention.

But the year is not over yet – remember the deadline for FLC awards is June 30th, so please make sure that they are forwarded to me by then. Also, the BOAKE award is due at National Headquarters by July 15 – make sure you have all your paperwork to them on time.
It’s been an honour to be District 1 Awards Chairperson this year, and I again congratulate all our winners!


Award submissions are just around the corner and Clubs need to be aware of the changes that National has made for two awards – the Founding Members Speaking Award and the Hal and Elspeth Rogers National Service Award.

At the District Level, we will be using the National Scoresheets for marking.

Please rip up, tear, shred, use as hamster cage material, the score sheets for these two awards (the M.Wilson/G& M Sinclair Service Award and Ferne Carter/Gord Harbinson Public Speaking Award ) from the District Award Package and use the links as below:



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


The 2016-2017 Awards Brochures are ready ... here is your electronic link

District 1 Awards Package 2016-2017

Just a few short notes from CLS

Who doesn’t like to win?

In reality though – we are already winners, We are Kin – we are helping our community, our neighbours, our friends, we are helping strangers through our blood donation program and our commitment to finding the cure for Cystic Fibrosis. We are winners – but wouldn’t you like a little recognition.

The Awards booklet can be found on the District Website for everyone to see, or if you need a hard copy, one was mailed to your President a few weeks ago.

Myrtle Wilson/G & M Sinclair Service Award

This is a Service Award – no $ should be raised for the project that has been entered
Examples – Christmas Tea, Splash Pad, Jungle Gyms, window washing

Kin Quill
What is important about this award (and all the rest) is READ THE GUIDELINES -you can have the best story – but because you didn’t follow the guidelines – it will be rejected. There is a minimum and maximum number of words. You have to record the word count on the front of the document. Read the Guidelines.

Public Speaking Award
The marking scheme of this award will be changing slightly to align with the Toastmasters Guidelines – more information to come.
Read the Guidelines

- Does your Club produce a Bulletin
- Are you proud of them
- Have you entered them for an award – why not
- Guidelines – as stated before – follow them!

Public Relations/Photography Award
If you are doing events, why not take pictures! Keep track of the media attention you are getting and put it in a scrapbook and submit.

National Awards

Maple Leaf Award of Distinction
Open to new members in their first 2 years of Kin – gives them a chance to be part of Kin, while learning the ropes.


See below!


For those of you that didn't attend Spring Convention, here's a message from incoming Awards Chair Lisa Burechails that you simply MUST read ....

Give me a B, Give me an O, Give me an A, Give me a K, Give me an E

What’ve we got? BOAKE!!!!

And for those that were at Spring Convention – you know what I am talking about!

And those that weren’t – shame on you – you missed a great convention, but to fill you in…..

The Boake Efficiency and the Outstanding Boake Efficiency Awards are awarded to Clubs that effectively meet the Zone, District and National requirements such as:
- Does your Club pay their National and District dues on time?
- Does your Club send in your National Insurance form to Headquarters by the deadline?
- What about the Annual Incorporation papers and the Annual Club Reporting form and your Corporation T2 form – all filed on time and properly?
- Are your financial statements audited or reviewed each year?
- Did you invite a member of your District Council to a meeting or function last year?

Well there you go – you have just earned the Boake Efficiency Award.

All you have to do is submit your paperwork by July 15 and your Club will be recognized with the Boake!

What about the Outstanding Boake Efficiency Award. Just 3 more requirements
- Did your Club attend Zone Conference,
- What about FLC
- Did your Club attend Spring Convention?
Congratulations, you just earned your Outstanding Boake Efficiency Award!

Now a couple of qualifications – in order to obtain your Outstanding Boake you have to have received your Boake award but remember how easy it was. And there is a deadline of July 15

For more information on the Boake and other awards, go to http://www.kincanada.ca/awards.

See you at the Podium!

District 1 Awards Package 2015-2016

Please ensure that your District Awards are submitted to either Governor Katie McKean at khvmckean [snail] gmail [period] com -> mailto:khvmckean [snail] gmail [period] com or Vice Governor Monika McKean at mmckean [snail] rogers [period] com -> mailto:mmckean [snail] rogers [period] com


If you are unsure that your award submission has been received, PLEASE CONTACT ONE OF THE TWO ABOVE.

2014-15 Awards Report (Wendy Rolfe & Terry Iredale)

District 1 Awards Package 2014-2015


Jim Sterling Memorial Costume Award – Kinette Club of Grimsby
Kinette Joke-Off Award – Danni Gresko, Kinette Club of Grimsby
Kinsmen Joke-Off Award – Bruce Moulton, Kinsmen Club of Sarnia
Phil & Vicki Scalisi Membership Award – Shane Walsh, Kinsmen Club of Burlington
Kinette Jr. Bulletin Award – Kinette Club of Collingwood, Katie McKean – Editor
Kinette Sr. Bulletin Award – Kinette Club of St. Marys, Wendy Lamond – Editor
John Brooker Sr. Bulletin Award – Kinsmen Club of Kitchener Waterloo, Ron Couch – Editor
Kinette Quill Award – Monika McKean, Kinette Club of Collingwood
Bill Esson Memorial Quill Award – Bob Hughes, Kinsmen Club of Chatham
Kinette Public Relations Award – Kinette Club of Collingwood
Max Westlake Public Relations Award – Kinsmen Club of Grimsby
Ferne Carter Speak Off Award – Lori Schnarr, Kinette Club of Palmerston
Gord Harbinson Public Speaking Award – Mat Lobb, Kinsmen Club of Clinton
Outstanding Zone Award - Karen Coutts, Zone F, Darryl Van Moorsel, Zone F, Dustyn Pumphrey, Zone G


As we’re approaching the final quarter of the Kin year, we hope to start receiving many award submissions so that we can begin the selection of winners to be presented at spring convention. Please note the following deadlines:

Within 10 Days of Zone Conference
• Kinette Junior and Senior Bulletin (only winning entries from zone conference)
• John Brooker Senior and Junior Bulletin (only winning entries from zone conference)

April 1st
• Myrtle Wilson Memorial Service Award
• Kinette Quill
• Kinette Public Relations (for those zones that have a PR award, only the winning entry from the zone should be submitted)
• George and Mildred Sinclair Service Award
• Max Westlake Public Relations (for those zones that have a PR award, only the winning entry from the zone should be submitted)
• Bill Esson Memorial Quill
• Kevin Denbok Memorial CF Award for Individual Achievement
• Michael McBeath Memorial CF Award for Individual Achievement
• Dave Russell Memorial Individual Service Award
• District Website Award

April 21st
• Ferne Carter Memorial Speak-Off (name and contact information only)
• Gord Harbinson Public Speaking (name and contact information only)
• Kinsmen and Kinette Joke Off (name and contact information only)

All award submissions should be sent to:

Wendy Rolfe, 160 David Avenue, Hamilton, ON L9A 3T2



Congratulations to all the individuals and clubs who picked up both National and District Awards at FLC – you are truly taking advantage of the personal growth opportunities that we all have available to us as members of Kin. Your fellow members could not be prouder of you.

A complete list of the winners has been published in the Resource Library on this website:


We want to remind you that the Kin year is already half over and we’re waiting to hear from you. Please start sending in those award submissions – we want to see your service projects, we want to read your bulletins and quills – we want to be kept busy!

If you have new members in your club, make sure you take the opportunity, at every meeting, to talk about the awards program and help them fill out the paperwork and keep track of their progress. Each one of us has the responsibility to help nurture newer members and the awards program is a great way to help them learn about Kin and become active, educated members with the potential to be our future leaders.

We are both very eager to hear from members with any questions and would be happy to come and speak at your club and zone events regarding the awards program. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll make it work.
Happy holidays to you all!

Yours in Kin,

Terri and Wendy


District One Kinette Rookie of the Year

District One Kinette of the Year

District One Kinsmen Rookie of the Year

District One Kinsmen of the Year

District One Perc Dawson

District One Photography Award


Kinsmen John Hughes Peckitt Memorial Trophy

Kinsmen Jay Dunn Memorial Shield and Jay Dunn Improvement Awards


Challenge for a Cure Award

Sixty Five Roses Award

Thank you to our sponsors!

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