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Listing of District One Meetings & Events


Below please find the presentations that were given at the Club Leadership Seminar. If you have any further questions, please contact the person noted.

District Website Usage - Presented by Karen Coutts/ Contact Russ Jackman

Awards and Recognition - Presented by Lisa Burechails

Succession Planning and Mentoring - Presented by Debbie Ruffley

Executive Breakout Sessions

CF / Service Directors - Presented by Dustyn Pumfrey

Membership Directors - Presented by Karen Coutts

Presidents & Vice Presidents - Presented by Bill Harris and Monika McKean

Secretary - Presented by Wendy Rolfe

Treasurer - Presented by Barb McArthur

Communications / Bulletin etc. - Presented by Terri Iredale

Risk Management and your club - Presented by Matt Sharpe / Contact Russ Jackman

Educating Kin what the future holds
Presented by Education Director Terri Iredale .. watch for more updates!

Thank you to our sponsors!

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